Spanked By A Girlfriend In Front Of My Husband

Love getting my pants pulled down and put otk and spanked hard in front of my husband then letting him take over with his belt... I did jump over my girlfriends lap one night and let her spank me as my husband watched. I got so hot and wet I jumped up and started to kiss and feel her up. After a break I jumped over my husbands lap and told her to spank me while I s*cked his di+k. I then told her to join me. She resisted at first but then joined me. I watched her take his di*k into her mouth as I licked his b*lls. My husband then said "thats it" and told us to go into the bedroom. As I entered our bedroom I took off my top as I watched my husband ***** my girlfriend naked. I layed on my back and s*cked my husband d+ck while she watched.
My husband then told us to grind p*ssys. I came so hard and told them to finish without me. My husband told me thats not how it works. He fingered both of us like he he had 2 six guns in his hands. My girlfriend then told him to watch her as she got herself off. I knew my husband enjoyed it and I even got a little jealous as she moaned his name as she came.

I have fantasised and thought about going further during another MFFwith my girlfriend and the situation has arrose two times since, I cannot bring myself to do what my husband wants me to do. Since he has offered me the chance to get it from 2 guys and I declinded, he wants me to fully explore my lesbian side. He wants to F me as I eat her out. The first time my gf asked me if I wanted her to eat me and if I wanted to eat her.  At times I would love to, but most of the time I just feel it's wrong.
Am I crazy or what?
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6 Responses Oct 17, 2010

Thank you for the story, got me excited. I would love to be spanked by another girl in front of my husband.

This just doesn't sound real. I don't mind fantasies but not when they are being portrayed as a real event.

I assure you my story is 100% true. My fantasies are much wilder.

While this was a fantasy of mine for a long time and I can't believe it either sometimes, it really did happen. If I was to write fictional story it would be much dirtier. Check out my husbands account of that night posted under the same name. Why would we lie? Maybe I will post a fictional story so you will learn just how filthy my fantasies are.

sounds like fun and i would love to get spanked by another girl in front of my husband and that is would be very submissive, bad girl and hot.....hope you had fun :) i even offered to bring out a belt in front of my husband with another girl present, thought that would be really hot

That bastard !!! He doesn't know what he's missing does he?

That bastard !!! He doesn't know what he's missing does he?

Just found out yesterday that my husband will let me get spanked by another girl as long as it is done infront of him. It will turn him on and drive him crazy. He just won't allow the girl and I to go any further than spanking. I am quite excited!