Not Only Do I Like Getting Wet Fully Clothed, I Love It!

Getting wet in my clothes makes me feel good all over. It is a very pleasurable sensual feeling that usually causes me to have an erection. I especially like wearing Levi jeans. The amount of sun exposure and type of terrain (rocky bottom in some natural body of water etc.) determine what other items of clothing I might wear. Shoes, socks, hat, and shirt or rash guard are often needed.

Underwear is one item of clothing I never wear either wet or dry. I always wonder why anyone wants to wear underwear if they are going to get wet. Getting wet is much more fun without it. Soggy underwear would not be my cap of tea and would interfere with the sensual feeling one derives from get wet wearing clothes. Wearing the right clothes provides a definite turn-on appeal both visually and feel. Shiny wet Levi's have a strong sensual appeal and reveal the shape of the body within better than ever.

I have enjoyed getting wet wearing clothes for as long as I can remember. It just seems natural! Enjoy the pleasure of getting wet wearing your clothes! There is nothing quite like it!
brubryant brubryant
66-70, M
Oct 14, 2010