Bathing In Women's Clothes

I first took a bath in a girl's panties at the age of 15.  It excited me so much I have never forgotten it.  From that time on, I have enjoyed photos of women in wet clothing and, over the years, have collected a small wardrobe of clothing that I wear in the bath.  I am a straight person, not gay or bi, but I do get extreme sexual enjoyment from the moment I step into the bath and lie down in the water.  I like tight clothes, usually wearing stockings, shoes, panties, skirt and top.  My wife does not share my enthusiasms so, for some years, I shared the experience with a woman of my own age, and, although we never shared sex in the normal way, we enjoyed watching each other getting wet.  She has gone to the States now so, although we correspond, we have the times as potent memories.  The thrill I get from this fetish is indescribable...
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My favorite outfit at the moment is a pair of black lacy panties, black hold up stockings, a short pink flippy skirt and a black chiffon bat-winged blouse. They cling and feel amazing when soaked! As summer is just around the corner I am looking forward to going to the beach in various mini skirts and tops, and get completely drenched !!Anyone near the South coast of UK want to join me this year? I am straight, but just love wet clothes.....................

If it fits snug to my body and is in my wardrobe I have gotten wet in it.

I support this, love getting wet in ladies cloathes in the pool, fantastic feeling the material touch on my legs is fantastic,

I'm with you on this one too. I've had a wet clothing fetish since I was a little kid (it was probably my earliest awakening to my sexuality). When I was about 12, I became infatuated with women's legs and hosiery. I soon tried on pantyhose, and loved them. That simply fueled my transvestism. What happens to a transvestite that also has a fetish for wet clothing?? We get dolled up and soak ourselves!!<br />
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I too love getting wet in female clothes. Particularly nylon and satin items. I have a huge collection of nylon slips, pettipants and nighties along with lots of skirts and dresses. My favourites are are my two silk and satin bridal skirts and several full length ball gowns. Hardly a day goes by without me getting in the shower and saturating something from my collection. Like you I am straight but this fetish is like a drug to me. I love it!!!