Lake Experience

A couple of years ago my family was away for a week and I had the house to myself. It was August and the days were nice and hot. Late one evening I could sense that rain was coming, and being August, should be quite heavy. When the raindrops started to fall I changed into very thin white cotton trousers and a long thin cotton blouse. I also put on my "normal" clothes and a rain jacket to hide the girly stuff. I then rode my bike to the nearby lake. As it had started raining heavily and it was very late and dark, I was sure nobody would see me. I removed my cover clothes and rain jacket and the thin white clothes were instantly soaked. I then slowly stepped into the lake. This feeling was so erotic! The water and the rain had the same temperature and it felt like standing in a shower. I played around enjoying the wet clothes clinging to my body. After a while it stopped raining and I put on my rain jacket but kept the wet white trousers visible and rode the bike home. I met one guy walking his dog and he gave me a strange look.
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

I'm in Sweden. Bloody cold for wet outdoor activity most of the time... During summer it usually gets warm enough to have fun in lakes in July. The challenge is to find a remote and accessible lake.

That sounds like a good night, and a nice outfit too. I am lucky as I live a ten minute walk from the beach, and I always go down there in a mini skirt, and take a nice top to wear in the sea. I don't often wear the top as I am a major sun tan freak !!!! Gut it does feel nice swimming and sunbathing in a wet mini skirt and blouse. Are you in the UK or elsewhere?