Wet Nylon and Satin Is Wonderful

Since my early teens I have developed a passion for getting wet whilst wearing clothes. I love to get my jeans wet from time to time; but more exciting than that, is to put on some of my collection of nylon and satin garments. Along with some sportswear items, I have quite range of womens silky nylon and satin slips and nighties, nylon lined long skirts, ball gowns and even a bridal skirt. Hardly a day goes by without me getting in the shower dressed in some of these wonderful items. I especially adore the ones that go see-thru when they get wet. It's great to watch my member grow hard with excitement as the fabrics saturate. It also fascinates me to watch as those gorgeous fabrics soak up the spray from my shower, some go transparent, as I have already said, others dramatically change color while the ones made from shiny black satin hardly look any different; wet or dry. The shiny sportswear too is wonderful when wet. I have several pairs of silky white nylon shorts that are semi see-thru when dry and totally transparent when wet. Wow, what a turn-on.  The best thrill of all though, is the bridal skirt - yards and yards of silk and satin. Getting that soaked is simply orgasmic (literally) I have to ********** when wearing it wet. I would love to be at a wedding where the bride gets her wedding gown drenched, but no such luck (so far) - so that is the next best thing.....

francesstuart francesstuart
Feb 16, 2009