Swimming While Dressed Up

I love to swim while dressed up in formal clothes. Last year I was part of a wedding for a freind's daughter.  At the reception the bride and her bridesmaids did a group cannonball into the pool at my freinds house and then dared all the guys to come in as well.

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Wow! I would love to be in satn blouse and satin skirt and be snooty proper gal who made it clear she does not want to get thrown in, outfit too expensive and not the place for such behavior. Suddenly a man grabs her and flings over shoulder and jumps into pool as shes screaming in protest and women in corwd plead for him to stop. She goes in, so mad after and outfit is a shiny glisteny satin plastered mess all darker and shiny and clingy. No change of clothes and has to stay like that and be humiliated. Men in crowd point and laugh, women on crowd have sympathetic looks and hands over mouth in shock. God I love wet satin

That's great! I bet you couldn't wait for the wedding night!

My wife and I got married in Hawaii, in a lovely garden setting right at the beach. After the wedding, we had decided we wanted to get in the water and get some pictures while the photographer was still there. We now have a lovely 20 x 30 fr<x>amed canvas on our living room wall of her in her wedding gown AND red satin heels in the water with me in my suit, vest & tie. She's stretched out in the water, with me standing behind her holding her and kissing her. <br />
<br />
After we played in the ocean and got those lovely pictures, we ended up heading for a really nice beachfront restaurant and had a wonderful after-wedding dinner together, still in the wet wedding attire!

I agree!!!!!!

Sounds like fun !!!!

wow i wish i wish i wish<br />
i wish we could meet and do it together however we are 12000 miles apart <br />

Wow! I'd love to see the photos - all that wet silk and satin. What a turn on!