A Wet Suite

I love wearing all my clothes and getting wet at the , beach, pool, shower or tube where ever there is water. One of my favorite piece of clothing to wear is my suites with tie. I have worn them in the sea but was told to leave the sea from the police. So i now wear them in the shower. But i still wear my other clothes in the sea with no problem.   

H20Hutch H20Hutch
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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

"told to leave the sea from the police" ? <br />
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What country do you live in? As far as i know they cannot tell you to leave because of what your wearing in the water. Now if it was a pool with a dress code then they can. But they CANNOT tell you what you can and cannot wear in the ocean. I want to see a written law saying that you cannot wear everyday clothing in the ocean. If they cannot show you 1 then legally they cannot force you to leave.