What You Ask For.

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I have always been big into the occult. No not some devil worshiping garbage, the wiccan, fun loving, explore nature, hug a tree thing. Some of you might think of it as new age thinking or mysticism, but to me it is exploration of meaning.

Well, one of the things I love to do is hold a séance and play with my Ouija board with my friends. We did it all the time as teenagers and now that I am in the thirties, I still play around every once in a while. This story happened to us about two years ago and although I know a lot of you won’t believe it, it happened.

On a Saturday night me and 4 of my girlfriends picked up a nice collection of wine, a few scary movies, and a deck of cards and set up camp in my living room. As the empty bottles started piling one of my friends, Amber, brought up the topic of our high school days. Another friend then started saying how silly we were and recalled all the times we sat around that old Ouija board and scared ourselves half to death. Before she finished her comment I went to my cabinet and pulled out the old board itself. The actual one we played on as kids. The girls erupted in excitement. We laughed for the next hour talking about those days.

In short time, we decided to try it out again, just for kicks and remembering. We set up the board, all put our hands on the marker and asked everything we could think of. I felt my friends pulling at the marker answering the questions in the manner they wanted to. One friend marries Brad Pitt in the future, another has great kids and I helped myself to a lottery win. It was all in fun. It wasn’t so much fun when we wanted to stop.

We asked our questions and ignored the board for a little bit. We were drunk and just wanting to talk. Now, this is where it goes off course. My friend Jamie screamed out of nowhere. We asked what happened and she swore up and down that the board started shaking. We doubted her thinking she was just trying to add a little fright. But there was something about the way she spoke. She believed what she did.

Now, your normal human would have put up the board and enjoyed the company, but not my group. We took the board right back out and gathered around. We started asking questions, but the new answers weren’t the sweet ending fun loving kind. It spoke of death, diseases and promised to follow us for the rest of our days.

We all blamed one another for pushing and pulling the marker, but I know we all feared something else guided the answers. The worst thing about the new board answers is the fact that they are coming true. The board told Kelly she would die within a year and just two weeks later, we lost Kelly to a car accident. The board told Candy she was going to lose a child and she miscarried and it told me I would be haunted for the rest of my life. I haven’t had one peaceful night’s sleep since. Just be warned. You sometimes get what you ask for.
ricknaub ricknaub
Jun 1, 2012