Honestly, I like any kind of story, but ghost stories are intriguing because you never really know where they came from, why they came about or if they could have been true or not.

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Lol No problem! She had lived there since she was a kid. She said she had looked for the treasure so many times her whole backyard was crooked. She said if he couldn't find it himself, she certainly wouldn't be able to find it! lol She was a great old teacher!

Now that would be an awesome experience. Had I grown up in that old house I would have been digging in that yard at night with the old ghost. Nice story thanks for sharing

Especially if you've lived in the place where the ghost is supposed to have originated from. One of my old middle school teachers lived in Blackbeard's old house. She swore that she heard him digging out in the yard every night looking for the treasure that is rumored he hid there. Every year she gets tons of people who make pilgrimages to see his ghost. It's so cool. She says he has very distinctive footsteps. lol

I love ghost stories too, it is so cool to read a ghost story that just seems to come out of nowhere and builds the story out bits and pieces from the past.