I Want To Come In.....

I was 17 when I got my first place. It was a run down, dump of an apartment in a extremely bad neighborhood. Despite this, I loved it. One night, at around 1A.M., someone banged on my door. I had a large window that overlooked the well lit courtyard. I looked outside it , but saw no one. "Who is it?" I asked loudly A deep mans voice responded "I want to come in...." I asked who it was again, and got the same answer. I began to get a bad feeling. I told him that I already called the cops and that I had a gun. Both were lies, my phone hadn't been activated, and I had no weapon . For the next hour, the voice tried to talk me in to letting him in. 'Do you have kids? I have some toys.....Are you hungry, I can cook.....Want a beer?'.....etc. After an hour, I built up my courage, unscrewed the kitchen leg table, and threw the door open, swinging my new club. No one was there. I searched outside all over, and found nothing. I finally gave up, but within an hour, the voice and banging had started again.
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I'm writing this from a mobile browser while at work, and for some reason, it won't let me write more, so I'll add a few details now.<br />
Everytime I went outside to check, I found nothing. But the knocking and voice would start again as soon as I feel asleep. It went on like that til 5 A.M.<br />
I lived there for a year, and that was the only strange thing that happened.<br />
Ghost, or someone pulling a prank who was really good at hiding?<br />
I don't know, and probably never will.