My Boyfriend Is Good At Sniffing My Feet

that last post was my brother i love boys to sniff my socked feet and rub and dip their nose into my toes and after watching a video on utube i enjoyed my feet in my boyfriends face. he sniffs my so feet good. and oh his face feels gorgeous to my stinky soless. sometimes i wear socks for a week and get him to sniff and kiss my feet for my luxury. he even grabs my feet and holds them to his face and inhales deeply so i enjoy it. i put my toes on his forehead and my arches and heel raise up. when i walk he follows behind and when my toes are flat and my soles are raised he sticks his face under my stinky foot and sniffs deep.
sexyfootlover12 sexyfootlover12
1 Response Jan 3, 2012

wish i had a gf like that