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i like women in charge, i think their strengths lie in their organizational ability, their hard work,  their ability to work together and not overly concerned about who gets credit. Men, more so than not, tend to talk a lot and tell people how to do things.

i operate as the former, a woman's way, in my working life. i find it makes a better work environment and the job gets done.





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your right miss ladies are best in charge

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Women aren't made to be in charge. They can't make decisions, can't think, are too emotional, have excuses for not being able to get things done and are no where near as organized. A woman's place is in the home. If you let them in the business world they just screw things up.

There are more and more women in charge everywhere. Women are even going too and graduating from college in larger numbers than men. This will mean, that in the near future, women will be getting the better jobs because they are becoming more prepaired than ever before. I'm older, so I won't necessarily see alot of women way high up, but we are seeing this quite a bit right now with women CEO's and in leadership positions. At home???? I think that as women take on the leadership role at work, they will want this at home also. Oh, by the way, there are alot of community colleges offering courses to men......cooking 101.....housecleaning and laundering and IRONING. They, of course, can be attended by men or women but they really are being directed to younger men and especially young married men. A few years ago this would have been unheard of.

All women should follow your lead, the world would be a very different but better place if more women took charge. It would also help if they displayed this in public, as it would give other women the desire to follow your lead.

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i agree with you.