Lynn Wore Pantyhose Out One Night

Lynn worked in the phone room of a retail that I was manager of. She was very pretty, very curvy and had a great smile, at least it seemed that she was always smiling when I saw her. She had great legs and often wore skirts with pantyhose. There were not too subtle gestures that I considered flirting while she was working at the office but I was determined not to date anyone who worked for the same company since I was management and it could create an uncomfortable situation later. Time came that she found a better paying job at a larger company and went to the party at the bar. We all said our good byes and good wishes but for me she replied with a kiss. I was put off a bit because I was still surrounded by co-workers.

A few months later, I was taking clients out for a night on the town when Lynn found me and she was even prettier dolled up for the evening. She had enormous boobs and the dress she was wearing really hugged her in all the right places. We danced a few dances, then a slow one that got very steamy. I told my clients that I would see them tomorrow and I took Lynn to my apartment. I found her a nice seat on the sofa while I went to fix her a drink. We did some heavy petting and left to fetch a condom.

When I returned, she was sitting Indian style. The light was coming from the right direction so as I approached I could see right up her dress, which was stretched to the limit to let her knees be apart. The seam in the back appeared to have even given that extra last couple of inches. I could see from my approach that she was not wearing panties under her pantyhose. This is my personal favorite. Not just because it eliminates VPL but because it creates the opportunity to see through the sheer nylon in a sexy, even forbidden way. I could clearly see her thick brown pubic hair, which was nicely trimmed and her ***** was only covered by the little patch of cotton. She was clearly enjoying the look on my face and I told her how this was a very sexy way for her to sit for me.

I reached inside her skirt and I felt how hot her ***** was through the pantyhose and I could feel the moisture. I took her to my bedroom and we screwed the night away. In the morning, we were walking to my car and the back of her skirt was torn along the seam of the dress. She asked me to tell her if it was too high. I said it was very high but I did not tell her that I could see the bottom of her *** as she walked in front of me. It was the perfect way to top off a perfect evening.
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Sep 12, 2011