My Childhood ****

I've always been more sexually and emotionally attracted to girls/women as far back as I can remember, although by definition I would be considered bisexual. I remember as a teenager I admired Tyra Banks so much. I just think she is so beautiful especially when she got curvier. He breast filled out and it drove me crazy.
Anyway, when I was a teenager every wall in my room was covered with pictures of super models (Tyra being the most dominant.) When she made the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit edition, I placed that poster directly over my bed and I was always so happy for "bedtime".My parents probably thought I was just a fan. I was, but my room was actually just spilling over with ****.... shhh. ;-)
MilkPrIncess MilkPrIncess
31-35, F
Sep 25, 2012