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I Like Girls

Well I have always liked girls and never had any thing to do with boys and I can't figure out how to tell anyone.
Listentoyourheart2 Listentoyourheart2 16-17, F 5 Responses Nov 9, 2012

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Go with me and you get the best of both worlds x

I'm a lesbian, and proud of it! Girls do it better.

I agree, I would take a girl over a guy anyday

ain't nobody's bidneth. who you wanna tell?

Me too! I was in kindergarten when my neighbor (and babysitter) began to do *** with me. After awhile I began having *** with all the little girls in the subdivision! I never wanted to do *** with boys, but girls turned me on! Don't worry, when you are ready to tell someone, you can! Hey wanna share stories with me?

Love a girls touch, a lot better than rough hands from a guy. Girls are so sensual.

You are okay with being abused?