My Latest (Disliked) Mail

Hi everyone (:

I've received alot of mails on ep, from alot of different peoples.. guys and girls..
But never any like this and i'd like to share it! (:

RE: Why women
Between ------------ and You 

------------ Jan 25, 2013 5:01 AM
A man has so much more to offer, I can do things a women could never do!!

tinynshy Jan 25, 2013 5:03 AM
you wish (:

------------- Jan 25, 2013 5:15 AM
:-} Too bad but I still want to see your profile pic, be my friend tiny?

I mean.. this ignorance? (: is it just me who dislikes such mails?

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6 Responses Jan 25, 2013

Every week I post in all caps how I do not add men and I still get tons of them sending friend requests. Most don't even share any groups that I'm in. I think they want to see my photos, of which I have but one and a G rated one ag that. 99 % of them are extremely crude and looking for sex.

I just ignore all mails from men, except those that have commented on my posts, to them I reply politely that I have a policy of not adding men, to please understand but that doesn't mean we can't still exchange ideas via comments.

i know how you feel ohh and when they tell you "give me one night and i can turn u straight" -.- im just like ***** i like *****

Ew he's a horny little fu*q. that message ^ is an example of why so many more girls like the same sex now..

HHHAAAA how stupid all of you!!!!!!!

So why do so many men think they have magic wand in trousers, wave it about and all lesbians like magic are straight for them! lol they must be very insecure to make comments like that.

Ha I get some really messed up mail. I don't even read half f it =D

I actually reply to some of them with "I'm not even reading this" and then block them =D

Here, I'm not going to be polite to some guy who emails me telling me "I'm going **** your tight ***** & **** on your **** while your sissy boyfriend watches" Screw that =P

Absolute ******* ha x