New Year Adventure

I was invited to come over to a friend’s home for New Year’s, they had three kids, and we did have plenty of fun through the night. Part way through the game their oldest daughter that was 9 years old, she totally wet her pajama pants, her mom took her by the hand to her room and I could her yell at her. When she yelled at her, she told her to sit on the potty and you will wear diapers for the rest of the night. Shortly later she returns to the room we were in, the daughter was just in a shirt and Pampers diaper.
Before the mother sat down, she asked the twin boys that were 6 if they need to use the potty or if they want to wear diapers too. The twins said they would rather have diapers on. So the mother came back with two diapers and she changed them on the floor of the living room and not care who saw what. While she changed them into the diapers she said that they will just stay in diapers since they use them for bedwetting anyway. Now the twins were in just diapers only.
Finally the mom checked their 4 year old daughter’s diaper, she needed to be changed, and she was beginning to smell a little. With having her diaper changed, they returned to the room since they went to the nursery because she was poopy. Once all the kids taken care of, the mother took me by surprise and asked if I need to be changed, they did know I do wear diapers, which my diaper was wet anyway so I said yes, so I grabbed my bag and the mother took me into one of the bedrooms.
The mother had me remove my shorts and lay on the floor. Lying on the floor, she untapes my diaper and wipes me down with some baby wipes. Next she opens up another one of my diapers, also she grabs one of the Pampers to use a as doubler. With the Pampers in my diaper she places the diaper and tapes it shut. I had the Super Dry Kids diapers at the time, so Pampers seemed fitting.
Finally diapered, I get up from the floor to put my shorts back on and she tells me that she needs to be changed as well. Before I she wants me to change her she goes back to her husband to see if he needs to be changed. Now both return to their bedroom and close the door. Once in the room the mother opens the dresser and pulls out two diapers of Molicare. Both of them lower their jeans and layed down on the bed.
First I changed the father, which he had a soaked Molicare and since he was mostly incontinent anyway he did not know how soaked he was. Carefully I remove his diaper and then wiped him down. Opening up the diaper, I place it under his butt then bring it up and taped it in place. Next was the mother, she was not as much wet, but she wears these for her periods, so she plenty of blood in the diaper. After the diaper was removed, I opened up a new diaper and tape it place.
With everyone diapered, we decided we should just sit in the living room to watch a movie. Once the movie begins the mother allows her 4 year old to begin breastfeeding, while the twins have pacifier. Now the surprising thing was that the nine year old was lying on the father’s lap while sucking on a baby bottle. Finally the ball dropped and we got all changed, then were off to bed for the night.
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Jan 1, 2013