Girls In Diapers,sooo Sexy!

I have never seen a real woman in a diaper,just in pictures.But I would love to meet,get to know and live with a woman that wore diapers.I would not care if she wore them because she had to or she just wore them because she wanted to.She would not want for anything,I would treat her like a queen for the rest of my life.I would be her"I'll do anything you want me to"man.

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Me and my wife wears diapers

i met my first wife dianne,in 1972 at a dance in a fire hall in the very small town she was living in.she was 17 and i was 22 at the time.she was the only girl in her family with two older brothers.she was very innocent and naive and me being from the big city and having a fetish for girls in diapers and plastic pants,i introduced her to plastic pants shortly after we started dating.i got her the extra large super size baby pants from McCrory dept. stores and she started wearing them out on our dates,to church on sunday,etc.she graduated high school that june,turned 18 the end of july and we got married that august.she wore adult size snap on plastic pants under her wedding gown and it was mind blowing.our marriage lasted 6 and a half years then we divorced.

thats so awesome...

you are all sick, seriosly, i have a daughter that has to wear as she is incontinent, to think their are perverted freaks out their like you makes my skin crawl....


I have had 5 relationships over the last 20+ years & every one of them enjoyed wearing diapers once I introduced them to my fetish. What's my trick/secret? There isn't any. I was always honest with them & made a conscious effort to always take care of their needs to the best of my abilities. This makes for an honest,caring,trusting & loving relationship. When you have this kind of bond with a person, then you should have nothing to fear. At some point there comes the time when conversation will turn to what you or she likes or would like to do/try sexually. That's when I would take the opportunity to tell them(the first 4) that seeing them in a diaper would "really turn me on". Some of the responses I received varied from that of smiles,giggling,interest,curiosity,open mindedness,willingness,arousal or all of them. However, I didn't mention how much I truly wanted to be diapered also. I let that kinda be "their idea". lol What's good for the goose is good for the gander type thing. lol The 5th one, my awesome wife that I'm married to now, was a little different. We became really good friends right off the bat & had a no-holds-barred tell each other any & everything type relationship with absolutely no fear of denial or being embarrassed around each other. We both loved the excitement & pitter-patter feelings we got talking openly about sex & our desires. I asked her to go to dinner one day while on the phone & said I would share my fetish with her if she told me hers first that night. She laughed & totally agreed to it. The excitement & anticipation was almost more than I could handle. After work I rushed home to shower then went as far to print out a half dozen or so photos of very tasteful women in their diapers off the web. I waited until we ordered dessert to bring the subject up again & asked her to go first. That was the deal. She shared her interest/curiosity in what I would describe as a softcore foot fetish. No problem. While I had never really tried that I was extremely willing to please her. Then, I slowly took out my pictures & gave them to her to unfold, not quite sure how she would respond or react. She looked a little confused not quite sure what to think. She didn't really get it or understand exactly what it was that I liked.So I calmly took her hand, leaned over the table & said: "I LOVE the feeling of wearing & peeing in disposable diapers & seeing you in them will absolutely turn me on!" She just got this great big smile on her face & said: "That's it? That's your fetish? No problem, that sounds like a ton of fun & I'd love to try that!" then she kinda let out a little sigh of relief & said, "Sheeeesh, that's nothing. I was a little worried that it would be something that would hurt me,or donkeys or something totally whacked out!" & we both just started laughing are butts off. Then she asks me: "Can we like, ya know, have sex somehow with them on? Is that an option or even possible?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Needless to say, 2 days later, not only were we having diapersex? But she absolutely fell in love with wearing diapers. Today we wear diapers 2-3 times a week & it doesn't have to be sexual in nature. Many times we just get home from work, diaper each other & spend the rest of the evening walking around the house & watching T.V. & peeing in them. Now, how's that for a lucky guy?

I wish my wife would wear one with me. I think if she did she would understand why I like it so much. At first she was indeferent but she has come to love that I wear panties. It took a few years but now she thinks its sexy. I wonder if I told her I liked wearing diapers if it would eventually become ok with her. Where is that line that I shouldn't cross?

Im 35 and i love wearing diapers. They feel very good to me. Mark

i wish i had a gril that would put me in diapers

Just to say HI I wear diapers 24/7 just because I want to. It feels good to feel warm & comfy and if it gets wet oh well, It still feels good. By the way i'm divorsed & live alone.

I wish my wife felt that way.

There are some that do, but I think they are fewer then men, or just hide it better.<br />
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My wife loves to wear diapers as well. She says there is nothing better than sleeping "diaper to diaper"