A Most Feminine Gesture....

I was taught to curtsy many years ago by my University girlfriend. I feel that it is a most feminine gesture and I love to curtsy to those when I am wearing a skirt or a dress. I admire the grace and beauty of ballet dancers and always strive for femininity myself.
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Miss Julie- how beautifully put Sweetie! Curtsy, Jenni

Other than a curtsy .. I see the demure modesty of a woman arranging her skirt .. tugging at her hem to discreetly keep her lacy lingerie and stockingtops from view, as delightfully feminine.


Thanks for the beautiful comments Gerone!

The afternoon is full of shade full of light <br />
without any thickness of one more than the other at all; <br />
You can see right through and right down into the depth of the foreground<br />
of snow and snow blowing in...<br />
Of the light and shade of the afternoon; <br />
there isn’t any real distinction at this moment... <br />
Long gone is any weight of the summer pressing down... <br />
it is the haunt of winter these stark days...<br />
<br />
And there she was... in Her BEAUTY... standing before Me...<br />
Lady Jen... the Beautiful Jenni...<br />
I walked near enough to Her for eye contact...<br />
As I began to bow... my courtesy to this Woman of GORGEOUS BEAUTY...<br />
She did do as such a WONDEROUS Lady does...<br />
Lady Jennifer did curtsy to Me... <br />
<br />
AND suddenly the dark shadows abated... and I could see the Day much clearer...<br />
the Earth was Mor LOVELY than ever a time in all My decades had I known Her...<br />
Because I did bow to the BEAUTY OF LADY Jen<br />
Who did bos to the BEAUTY OF Me... on this splendid occassion...<br />
AND saw Spring BLOOMING... once gained Life Fulfilling gaze into Lady Jen's eyes...<br />
I slipped My hand into her hand...<br />
and WE Danced MERRILY all the Day long!<br />
Forever...<br />
<br />
and now and than<br />
We managed for each other<br />
the COURTESY... <br />
of the profound curtsy and bow... <br />
for Our Love was like no other Love... Merry and Gay... and RICH IN ENCHANTMENTS!<br />
<br />
Dance WELL MY DARLING... this DANCE OF Life!<br />
BE WELL MY DARLING... in this DANCE OF Life!<br />
<br />
Kisses You with the most Delicious of kisses Your LIPS WILL EVER KNOW

Definition<br />
curtsysee under courtesycurtsy curt"sy (kûrt"s&ybreve;), n. same as courtesy, an act of respect.<br />
<br />
(n.) <br />
<br />
Same as Courtesy, an act of respect.  <br />
<br />
A downward movement of the body by bending the knees.<br />
<br />
Noun1. bending at the knees; a gesture of respect made by women (synonym) curtsey (hypernym) bow, bowing, obeisance (derivation) bobVerb1. a gesture of respectful greeting, for women (synonym) curtsey (hypernym) bow (derivation) curtsey2. make a curtsy; usually done only by girls and women; as a sign of respect; "She curtsied when she shook the queen's hand" (synonym) bob (hypernym) greet, recognize, recognise (entail) bow, bow down (derivation) curtsey<br />
<br />
     crusty<br />
<br />
A curtsey (also spelled curtsy) is a traditional gesture of greeting, in which a woman bends her knees while bowing her head. It is the female equivalent of male bowing in western cultures. the word "curtsy" is a phonological change from "courtesy" known in linguistics as syncope.

Curtsy Meaning and Definition<br />
(n.) Same as Courtesy, an act of respect.

*holds the corners of my pretty dress and curtsies to Jenni*

Oh "blush" Luv! Deep curtsy to my sweet Luv!

"Curtsy" to you Jenni! LOL

Curtsy to You Gerone!

Beautiful Lady Jennifer once more You decide to write about the curtsy...<br />
it is a feminine gesture that is sadly not utilized as often as once was...<br />
than again nor are women any longer under the same sort of tyrannical male oppressions...<br />
which is likely why the curtsy left us... <br />
<br />
I look forward to Our meetings... to the bows, the curtsies... the considerations!<br />
To the LOVE and INTEGRITY of us I Look most especially forward to... every day!!<br />
!<br />
<br />
<br />

Thank you Sweetie-I love the curtsy as a most feminine gesture! Hugs (and a curtsy!), Jennifer

I love to curtsy. I remember as a little girl wearing big fluffy dresses to church. After a Sunday morning solo or duet I was always taught to curtsy. I still actually curtsy on occasion. Great post. Thanks! xoxoxox

The curtsy IS such an elegant gesture as well as being the ultimate in femininity! I just feel so graceful and feminine when I curtsy in a pretty dress! Thank you Luna!

(Blush) and you know that I am pretty in pink! Thanks for the comment Sweetie!

I'll bet you were considerably more graceful and pretty than me! Thanks for your comment Sweetie!

Oh cAnDy- you always make me feel so wonderful! Pink IS my color (giggle)! love, Jenni

LoL I'm ok now :-)) *blush* You are the Lovely *Pink Lady of EP* many hugs n kisses back sweetness! Always a *JOY* to your friends here!! LOV you!

Oh cAnDy- you silly! We all know what a graceful ballerina you are! And calling me Lovely Lady Jenny (blush)- I could get used to that!! Many hugs and kisses! Jenny

Oh LOL I'm going to get my best pink on ..and curtsy to my fav *Pretty n pink Lovely Lady Jenny! :-)) <br />
<br />
LOL like the one in my avi the other day! *haha!<br />
Mwah!!!<br />
Fun read!<br />
curtsy and dances out of the room..!!! spins like a ballerina!opps fell down.. :( LOL

Only if if could wear my pink French maid's outfit my sweet Kindal!!

(giggle) Thank you two so much- I am certainly no ballet dancer (but may have met a queen or two!) kisses, jennifer

As a proud graduate of the Wendy Ward Charm School--it is good to always be prepared for you never know when you will meet (or be) a Queen!

Yeah, I was taught how to do this as a girl, but there really aren't too many times when you can do it. I'm no ballet dancer!

Thank you Demi!