Shopping At Last

I loved the way my dress felt and the way it showed my little legs off.
Sandy loaned me one of her small coats as it was a bit chilly outside. It was,nt long before we were walking around town once we had found a parking place for the car, a mom and here two daughters out for the day. No one gave us a second glance, I bet even my own dad would not have recognised me.
Mom took us to the lingerie department in joblings, I loved that shop, sadly closed now.
Anyway mom had me choose what kind of panties and bra I wanted, I chose two pairs of white cotton with small matching bra,s . We waited for Sandy to choose something for herself then made our way to the clothes section.
I made my way up the lines of dresses and skirts,, and choose three to try on,,, a nice little black one with white lace trim, a lovely pink floral one with pink carnations and a polka dot one (black an white).
Mom took me to the chamging
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Your choice of dresses sounds divine.