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My Wife Pantieless

We were in a bar, both getting a little drunk, and the talk turned to sexual fantasies. My wife was wearing a short skirt and a tight top, and I told her that one of my great turn-ons was when she wears a skirt in public with nothing on underneath.

The talk moved on, but a few minutes later my wife disappeared to the ladies. When she returned, she was holding something in her hand and discretely handed it to me under the table. It was her panties!

As we walked home I was so excited I could hardly stand up straight. My wife was walking down the road in a short skirt and naked underneath - not just naked, but shaved smooth as well. I kept hoping for a stray gust of wind to lift her skirt for all to see :)

RobG1908 RobG1908 46-50, M 6 Responses May 7, 2008

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very exciting to be in that situation - my wife will do that but only in an intoxicated state when her inhibitions have disappeared.

Once my wife took off her panties during our dinner. She asked me to sniff it in front of her. While sniffing, the waitress serving us the drinks looked at me and my wife with O in her mouth. After dinner, my wife walk to a hypermarket to do her shopping. I was behind her and it was a real turned on. When we reached home, I fingered her ***** and it was wet. She loved doing it

I love the "handed you her panties" bit! :)

hot story

Great story

Wish my wife would do that.