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Hannah's Panties

Well, there's this girl named Hannah that I've known for a while. I remember back in the 8th grade she would show panties over her jeans all the time, and I loved it. :)

The first time I saw it (and the first day I saw her) was the first day of 8th grade. She had jean capris on with a black T-Shirt, and her pants were sagging so I could see about 5" of her panties over her pants, no joke! You could see them a bit even while she was walking around. Her panties that day were white, and had a pattern of different blue shapes on them; I thought they were really cute. :)

There are pretty much countless times I can remember her showing underwear in 8th grade, probably about 85% of days for that school year. A lot of the time she would be wearing hot pink neon bikini an inch or two above the jeans, and no matter what she would always tie her shirt/sweatshirt back so you could see them full-time.

Well, I talked to her a little bit through 8th grade and a little bit through 9th grade, but now I'm a sophomore and I saw her panties again for the first time in probably two years. She doesn't really do the same thing she used to back in 8th grade anymore, but I guess she slipped up once and allowed her light blue panties to peek up a little bit above her jeans.

I actually just became good friends with her last quarter too, so maybe I'll get another glimpse sometime when were hanging out. :)
Girlsunderwear Girlsunderwear 13-15, M Feb 3, 2013

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