Scratched By A Girl Who Had Long Nails Had Begun A Long Nails Fetish Now Has Come True!

I was 14yrs old and I had been swimming one day when this girl probably 12 or 13 who had real long and pointed nails was with me in the water.
I cant recall what I had did but somehow she got really mad at me and yelled at me but cant remember what it was about. Then she came up to me
and scratched all five of her long pointed nails on my chest! The pain was incredible and lasted for about 5 mins. Later that night the pain stopped.
And I started thinking about this girl who had done that to me, but I really liked this girls nails they were beautful! And I began to realize how proud I was to have her scratch marks on my chest it seemed to be almost like some kind of badge of honor I had. This was a real turn on for me! And I was really excited about it. And I couldnt stop thinking about this girl with those sexy long nails and I reasoned if I could harness this girl and those
nails in a more loving was she would be great for being scratched with in a more loving manner.

Three days later I saw this girl and I saw her lovely nails but she apologized and said I'm really sorry I scratched you, but I told her that it was alright
and that I really liked her nails, I dont recall what she said then. In time I forgot about the girl. Then a year later I noticed other girls with long nails and I begin to develop this really strong urge and feeling to have to be scratched by any girl who had long nails. Then the fetish began, and whenever I saw any girl with long pointed nails or any kind of beautiful long nails like 1 or 2- 3 inches long I had such and irresistable feeling and
urge to want to be scratched with those long nails!
Years went by I was never scratched again. As I got older every girl I saw with long sexy nails was always with a guy or one would pop up.Or
either she was married but the girls with really long nails were never without a guy there always seemed to be one with her. And they always
had boyfriends. Every guy had a girl or girls with long sexy nails but me! Damn! I was so upset and distraught and disgusted at how lucky all these
guys were to have girls and girlfriends with such long sexy nails!

Then sometime later, I met a girl like the one at the pool and we were at a Christmas party and I saw this girl with long nails and I asked her if she
could scratch and claw my back she said yeah sure. We went in the living room and she started scratching and clawing away and it was great!
She was the best girl I ever had claw my back! And not only that I for the first time got the satisfaction of everybody watching us and this girl clawing my back to death. Everybody was looking at me my other friends and those who didnt like me too much saw this lovely girl scratching and clawing my back. This was such a super turn on! This was really hot and exciting for me! Wow! I didnt think this girl would ever stop scratching my
back, she just clawed and clawed and scratched away! God! This was so incredible! She scratched my back non-stop for a full 50 mins.
Where after we ended up in the bedroom which it did lead to some really great sex! This was one of the best expriences I ever had in my life!
I never forgot this girl but somehow we never became close friends, it was just a one time Fling I remembered for the rest of my life and years!

Now currently I have a 50yr old who has a lovely face, nice *** and plump sexy legs and thighs and 38D breasts. And also with long nails who I am
having a great relationship with and she always makes sure my back is well scratched! We have been together for 2 years and get along really
great! Wednsday is our 2nd anniversary. I must get her a present of somekind. But its ironic that alll my life it was fantasy for me to always want a
girl with long sexy nails and now I finally have one with Vicki! I just told her this, she was so happy for me that she is there to always claw and scratch my back for the rest of our lives and years together. Thanks to the sexy long nailed Vicki has now turned this fantasy into a reality. And oiled legs massages too! I would like to hear what eveybody else thinks of all this! Thank You.

By Parmon,
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i like being scratched till extreme marks so i won't mind being scratched by girl with long and sharp nails ... bloody scratches are welcome all over my body

I have recently been seeing a woman from where I work.She is tall, has a lovely face, legs and a beautiful smile and always wears her high heels, which I love her in and she knows that.She also has long natural claws.We both work late on Thursdays. Just before I finish, she comes to my office, sits on my lap and we both kiss and a cuddle. She then undoes my shirt buttons, her hands slide up my back, she kisses me again and starts clawing my back, she then can feel the bulge in my suit trousers and then starts to claw my balls while giving me a lovely long kiss.I have never been out with a woman before with such long natural claws, this is all new to me, and I have never had my back, balls and backs of my legs clawed so much in my life

that's great and I want to get scratched too

I love long nails for women, it's probably my fetish..

Well Chieff if long nails is your fetish I suggest that if you dont have a wife or girlfriend with long nails you go and find one who understands your fetish as my surrogate wife does (Vicki) so she can sratch and claw you like mine does,

My nuts sumtimes itch so bad.....that ill pull em/ stretch em real tight to one side...making a huge flat surface.....she then uses three fingernails an gives em a good scraping.....repeat as desired for other side

The best 2 things about Vicki is her long nails and her lovely legs which I will try to post here.<br />
If anyone wants to see more pictures you can mail me at <br />
If I cant get them on here.

Zeb67<br />
<br />
I like women with long nails/claws, but my wife has short claws. It feels so good when she grazes my back with her sharp claws. She not only scratches my back, she uses her claws to rake them over my chest as well. It is almost like a large cat playing with her prey. Even though I am much stronger than her, those claws can even overpower me. This lioness, wife, loves to hunt/tease me by her scratches. When night comes, the bedroom becomes her hunting ground. At any the right time, the scratches halt then she digs them into me her prey. I love to be scratched and eaten by my lioness. Be careful guys, a lioness with short sharp claws can overcome the best of us and eat us up as well. So, who wants to become prey to women with nails/claws?

I will be posting new pictures of Vicki's nails as they come in. These are new and I dont even know how it turned out because I had to use a Fugi disposable camera after my digit one fell on the cement and broke to pieces damn. LOL.

I love long nails too, especially with a plain dark varnish! <br />

My wife has long natural nails and she scratches my balls in bed,until they are red raw.<br />
She claws the sides of my back during sex,which hurts and sometimes the cheeks of my arse.

Hey And90- Sounds great but I like my wives to scratch my balls a bit more lightly and gently till I poured out gallons of thick *** all over their faces and hair. I know just what you mean and sounds good!

I like to Scratch my boyfriends back, and he love it. My nails is 3cm long. Sometimes he fall in sleep when I scratch his back! :D lol

You sound like a great girl! I am sure he loves it how long is 3cms to inches? When my gf scratches and claws my back I have never fallen asleep but I am relaxed and happy. How long do or can you claw his back for without your arms getting tired? My gf has this problem do you have any suggestions honey? Thanks!

Powerhouse blonde..... You're a guy with a nail fetish...nice story...created in the mind of a nail fetishist.

yeeeah. i love it when a woman scratch me. *_____*

I love having my back scratched by sexy women. Do you have any pics of Vicki's nails?

I dont have any pictures as of yet but do plan to post them. In the meanttime I get Turkishdiva also to claw my back. Hers are even more impressive than Vicki but I will try to get a couple of Vicki's nails.

Hi, great story ! You wouldnt believe how many guys have a Long Nail "Thing" I am lucky to have my own Long Nails ( about an inch and a half long ) I get loads of comments from mainly Guys who usually say they wish they had a partner withh long ones. Women often assume they are fake, asking where i have them " Done" I usually whiten the tips and wear clear polish during the week. Happy Clawing ! X

good do u mind to use them for heavy scratches?