I Just Love Taking My Panties Off In Public.

I love it when I have my panties removed in a club. being watched as my ***** is uncovered turns me on so much.
It always gets me the attention I want and as often as I need. xxxx
lindawest lindawest 41-45, F 46 Responses Feb 4, 2011

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and I love to pull down women's panties off in public <3

I am sure you do get attention!!

You look pretty hot to me I doubt you even need to go that far....

a very nice thought.

There is a thrill in being exposed.

You are sexy

me too. so much fun!

I wish I new were you go clubing. Cause I would love to be one of the lucky ones to pull your satin panties off .

I can see where that would be an attention getter. Wow! Thanks for sharing.

nice view

A reason to go to the club.

I love it that you love having them remove by others...

hah... my mrs had sone that too!

you sound like fun!

Me too. Your ***** is bold?

Next time, once you have taken your moist panties off in the club, go up to a really cute guy that you want to **** and give them to him. THAT will get you plenty of attention, I assure you! It would if it were me, anyway, I would be your devoted sex slave for the duration...

I understand you very much, the feeling that I have watched by men surely make you horny... And when you slightly spread legs apart must be so exciting and your ***** will be wet...

you can always *** to my parties....................and you can have the attention from my tongue you want ............

For me, I prefer to catch a glympse of girls panties, such a turn-on.

I would love to dance with you all night until you can't feel your legs next day.

sounds very sexy hun

It would certainly turn me on. I am imagining licking your divine hole there and then at the club

you may get locked up for that xxxx

but is it any different from a woman sitting in a short skirt without any panties on showing off all her glory?? xxx

No man is ever going to call the cops or complain about a female exhibitionist. You can't always say the same about women when it comes to guys exposing themselves.

i don't ware them any more, feels so much more comfortable with out them<br />
do you think i should tease the ladies when i am wearing short shorts, by placing my **** down one leg just so they can get a view?

where's this club linda can i come & see & feel mmm

i would love to e=watch you take off your panties in public!!!!!!

Thats so hot. Feel free to keep em for your own pleasure, id just live to add to the mess between your legs. ^^,

most of my panties end up covered in mens *** do you still want them?

Yes it is hot watching a lady remove her panties...........but Gr8white...........those girdle always drove me grand mother always wore them and she loved showing off..........mmmmm..........then again my mom wore panties..........she would take them off and hand them to me............

simply divine amounts of fun.<br />