Who Are Wise And Respectful To Learn From!

not grumpy dirty boyish oldmen yak!!!
I love this one and the color he symbolizes! :)
aycha aycha
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Here I am darling !

And so do I as having done much, I know how to share much

glad you liked my response and i would like to talk with you more

mm.. so let me get this right.. you are japanese.. and you would wanna learn japanese?

P.S : I couldn't whisper you cuz of your privacy settings.. So I just put it here. Sorry about that.. !!


Uh.. well.. thats how I stumbled across your profile.. I was looking for "I Am Japanese" and it showed you there.. !! lol.. Sorry if it was an EP bug.. !!

You are lovely

Merciiiiii lol

You are more than welcome

add me too plss if u wanna talk

im older lets talk plz add me ok

add me and lets talk

I think these old men who commented on your story below got it all wrong lol..... you need to be more clear in what you like about old men.... they just have sex in their minds I think :)

Anyone with non exhausted mindset by lustful images, can get me clearly enough!
Thank you for coming by, reading, relating, and commenting! :)

I cannot agree anymore :)
and you are welcome.... I just saw your comment on a mutual friend's story and I like it, so I allowed myself to have a look at your profile, hope you do not mind :)

You are welcome anytime...on the contrary, am really happy to see your constructive comments..it's a sort of relieving really being got the right way....
Thank you again :)

you are welcome again :)

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Hey there

I'm looking for a good friendly conversation and hopefully a good friend as well. Message me back if you're interested :)

I am older and have never been married. I was here before by another name: FBND. You were in the Mideast at the time, I think. Friends? Please add me. Thanks,

yahoo IM? add me agc8515

I would love to be in your circle

No thanks!

its in minnesota your profile says you grew up in minnesota

Lol .. Does it say that?! I must probably have joined that group by mistake! Sorry

hi pete here from brainerd

hi aycha. i'm 50 and like you i also have skype. would you like to chat?


I am older man young in heart and mind, jovial in nature. Tryme

could be me....would love to chat ..u Skype or yahoo?

Very touching and compelling video, and I completely understand why it is in this group. There is so much more to each and every one of us, than society seems to teach!

Sure Puck! I believe in what he says perfectly and heartily! Or else, what could make me tolerable of the trash and bullsh1t you come around with so often ?! :D lol heyyyy am kidding 😄🎶🎧👍

It's okay. I know you're not kidding, and that's quite alright. That was uncharacteristically disingenuous of you to say though. I appreciate the sentiment behind your disclaimer! You don't want me to cut my hands on your words when I pick them up, and that is kind of you.

I was kidding really!
Well, let me put it into a simpler word! Now at least I guaranteed that you will have enough of spirits to tolerate what I said and not dramatize it! From both of us, it's a good sign of kindness and flexibility ;)


You don't sound as whoofy as your username lol

If u got kik u can chat to me on there .if u want

hi aycha. would you like to chat on skype?

love to meet U

So what is it you find so fascinating about Tony, his cause?

1. His everything lol
2. His voice
3. His songs
4. His integrity
5. His old fashioned yet authentic character.....
6. His...... Hmmm ok his mustache ;)

Well we have that much in common...mustache, got that, I hear some really find it appealing...and how do you feel about an eye patch, yea or nea?

I was kidding about the mustache :)
It really doesn't appeal up me! May be the beard is OK in some way or another, but not the mustache
Patched eye usually comes to mind with horrific mafia members and dangerous gangsters ! Scary!
Joking lol, I simply don't like these weird and crazy fetishes too!

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would love to be yours then

Good clip

I don't understand your color comment, unless you are referring to his ability to "see" a child as an innocent without the boundaries of gender, race or creed (an ability we all have but which many refuse to acknowledge).

his moustache isn't symmetric (that bothered me). He could never run for office here (sorry that was my humor getting out, during a serious discussion).

At last,someone mentions that beautiful and moving video!

Thank you! You encountered it once before?

No, it was the firs time I saw it when I came across your story.I have shared it with friends and on Facebook.

Aww thank you :)
He is one of my favorite bunch ;)

He is one of the good Lebanese oldies
His songs and voice are accountable :)

Are his songs on Youtube?

I have found him! will be listening to his songs.Thank you.

Yeah google or YouTube Tony Hanna, welcome :)

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I like you too. Please add me

You are in my friends list (apparently favorites only) but you don't talk to me, communication is restricted, none allowed through msgs, do you just want to increase the number of friends in your list only and thats why you added me or you think u are better than me, in both cases i feel really offended so please remove me from your list as i do not need a friend who not even fulfill the criteria of acquaintance.

You are not in my list of so called friends !! :)

I tried to message you but it would not send would you add me please as it is quite personal

hi aycha. i'd love to chat with you on skype

Hi aycha, I'm an older man who's intelligent, athletic, good looking and sexy as hell. I'm kind to my mother and love children and little puppy dogs, and world peace of course. I really couldn't understand a thing that old guy in the video said because, between you and me, I think he was speaking in one of those foreign languages.

I'd love to, ahem "chat" with you even though I have no idea of what you look like or who you are, because, let's face it, you're a woman and I think I'm so damn hot and sexy that you'll fall hopelessly in love with me and we'll end up having steamy sex together at least once before you find out what a self-centered jerk I am - oh, did I mention that I was older - and a man?

Ahhahahaha - I'm sorry, I just woke up and saw this and I always get a kick out of the way men on the Internet seem to think that every woman they meet will fall hopelessly in love with them!

I'm going back to bed. We old guys need our sleep. I'm already planning a nap for around two-ish. Yeah, I know - I don't look two-ish... Unless you like two-ish men! If you do, then all I can say is - Oy vay!

Have a good day! :)

((Big grin)).....ish lol


Hi aycha. I'm an

Hello Mr. Oldie lol

Oh, you noticed ;) there's no fool like an old fool :)


... Why do u like Asian men?

Not specifically, I most like the Japanese.....for intellectual reasons lol

Intelligent yes but was the world best copycats

great post ! and great video , i myself look at it this way with women respect given .....respect earned , knowledge and advice given , same thing its like the more you give in life the more that comes back to you tenfold ......and giving should be the wiser choice instead of looking to always recieve the same in return , and of course that positive attitude and outlook on life must always be considered or taken into affect ......thanks for posting this and from a 44 year old who is NOT dirty OR OLD and very respectful as well and is knowledgable , you go girl ! always live the way you do and always keep that great amzing attitude of your that you have .....its been a pleasure reading this and watcvhing the video , and its a pleasure knowing you here for more than 3 years , and for being in your circle ....thanks for being one of those members in my circle who are special to me ! cheers !

The pleasure is mine, the honor is mine being friends :)
A really loving and caring post.. :) thank you for everything,,,,
Love and respect always..

your truly welcome my friend , thank you and likewise !

and (((((((((((hugs as well ))))))) thanks for giving me the oppourtunity to have another friend to admire ! you are amazing !

We have an ability to caress woman in a true and respectful way and our maturity has a huge part to play in the depth of understanding each other. Body may not be a six pack but heart is wise and beautiful


I am 53. I surf everyday and keep very fit and have been able to totally satisfy a 23 yr old lady who wants more and more. Age is only a number if you care for your body.

from all ways i try to add u but not ....i wish u add me ...u can cos u r kind woman


good aTITude!

Heart rendering


I wish other can see that way!!!! We are one .

im older wanna chat

Hi aycha,,, it's nice to have seen you and the video was moving ,, I wish I could be your friend and chat some times

Humanity in war,moving video!

wish we can be in each others circle of friends and share more hope you will like to respond


hello my friend,
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Really girl? The curly mustache guy.... I'm with you on the older but i'm thinking like 10 years or so...not 30 :P But good for you, liking what you like.

i mean liking them in a different sense! Just as good deep friends who have a good content and way to socialize respectfully and in a mature diction!

oh okay gotcha

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Hi Aycha, I'm gonna check out that vid. Me, older guy, the kind you like. Add me? I'd love to chat/get acquainted. I also have yahoo, so we could chat there too. Thanks.

so moving.

like bowels or heart?

heart! lmao!

See? I am not only wise and erotic, but also a witty old man

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Hi Aycha, I'm the type of older man you would really like. Would you like to add me so you can learn more? Thanks!

your profile content says that you are not my type at all! Add that when it comes to older men who i like to "communicate" with, then my preferences go beyond the 65 years! I feel most cautious with men your age by the way!!

curious....what kind of profile content id desirable/undesirable?

you cant but be urself! Then it wouldnt be a big deal problem whether i liked you or not! You are not born to impress everybody, too i am not born to like everyone! That is why people usually call it a "match" when two fit and take each other! Have a good day!

I was curious. Not interested in strategizing

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happy birthday xx

belated thanks! :) you have a good year too..

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hiiiii aycha ..?

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nothing came up on you tube

tried to update it many times and my server seems not willing :p couldnt open enough capacity page to do so! Will try from my lab lator, better than from the mobile! Thanks!

I looked at your profile and I like to be a friend to you so we can chat I hope or you can add me to your circle of friend


lovely smile :)

The Swiss psychotherapist Carl Jung identified the wise old man as an archetype. I'm starting to get the miles on the clock, hopefully I've collected some wisdom along the way! I do think many people admire wisdom and maturity, I hope so.

every age has its mainpoint beauty! Innocence for childhood, energy and efficiency in the youth years, maturity and wisdom in the old age! When flip them, they just backfire!! I really miss my mother's grandparents who were delicately wise and kindly strict! They were real kind people! My grandparents to my father passed, to my mother are distant and not much caring like real grandparents! I hope life gifts me with awesome grandparents in law oneday :)

Yes, you're right, every age does have its own beauty. The energy of youth you appositely mention is something that should be nurtured and encouraged. In Britain, I do think the younger generation are less politicised than they were in my youth, which is a shame. Part of a more fragmented society, I think maybe we've lost a bit of that sense of community.

you mean less interested in politics in general, or support Britain as a politically correct country?! Well, generally talking, to indoctrine folks with their country's policy means they all become partners in all the consequencies of this policy..which i dont personally support! Unless there would a real root-form change of the corrupted system, let civilians just live and enjoy their plain usual life and be less admitted to their politics loyalty,, not talking about England itself, i mean it for every place, because...there is no single country on the globe that is politically correct hundred percent!! May be in Britain, people got bored and upset from not being able for any change towards the better, so they just gave up and became less devouted!

I think there's an awful lot of apathy, that things can't change, leading to a much more selfish society. There is certainly less interest generally in politics, from all ages I would say, at a time when we need to engage people more than ever. I think celebrity culture is at least a little to blame as well, fame for the sake of it, instant fame can be yours! Having a fair society doesn't come into it, sadly.

yes you are right! Very few people are enthusiatic towards the old beauties of life concerning learning, reading, diving into thoughts and giving a try to change or at least to criticize and judge, which is not a sign of health! But i can see that a lot of reasons are to be blamed not just faming and celebrities frenzy! There is a sort of dumpness and commonly accepted stupidity! Overrating the traded pleasures, frivolities and high life style's requirments! Not least is the less-than-100years-old revolution on ethics and modesty being old fashion! When we get back to our kindness and loving nature, hearts become mild, minds become more oxygenated with wisdom and real energy and goodness! And you can see what you just described as selfish society, apparent in the narcistic behaviors of people around!
Out of the topic...( i just fell in love with the man i consider the least narcist and whose ego is almost nill, OMG i adore him!!!!)

So happy that you're in love :-) It shows that life can be beautiful. The celebrity thing isn't the main reason for the society we have, but it symptomatic of the society we have. YOu are quite right about the narcissism of people.

i actually love him silently, and i think i will keep silent forever :(
but i know that i love the one who is worthy and who fills my heart and mind quite fine! I keep to myself few pleasures of knowing he is fine and happy! That makes me feel good too.

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