My First Pair Of Panties

I think I was 11 or 12 when I first noticed how nice panties looked when I got a glimps of my school teachers white panties when she bent over to pick a piece of chalk up.
It made me think about how they would feel if I was to wear a pair like them.
Once I was back home I raided my sisters undies drawer, (she is 2 years older then me) and I dug out a small pair of white lace panties and took them to my room. I shuffled out of my school shorts and underpants and was soon pulling the them over my little hips,,, they felt better then I expected.
I quickly pulled my shorts back on over them and went down to tea. it was kinda wiered sitting at the table facing my sister and her not knowing I was wearing her undies, But I was in for a shock later that night, while I was laying in front of the TV on my tummy my sister must have seen the top of the panties above the waist band of my shorts, as just before bedtime she asked if her panties were comfortable......

more to follow later :)

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Love to read the rest of the story

Me too ... I am looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

Go to the home page for the rest of the story.

Wonderful first experience.

Me too contnue

Fabulous sweetie

Okay, you've got me interest ... so your sister saw the waist band on the top of her panties you were wearing and asked if they were comfortable ... so what happened next?

Please read my other postings x

I'm surprised she didn't smack your little butt for wearing them, they're sorta personal... sounds like you had a great sister.

Sandy is fantastic, she still likes to swap clothes with me, thanks for your comment x

That sounds awesome. How did you feel? I'm looking forward to your 2nd part of the storie.

They felt fantastic :-D

Did you read my chat with mom and sis? Xxx