My Fierst Pair Of Panties, Continued

After brushing past Sandy and closing my bedroom door I made my way to my bed and flopped out on it. How did she know? I undressed but left the little panties on and climbed under the blankets,(we did not have duvets and quilts in those days) That was when I noticed something peeking out from under one of my pillows. I removed the pillow to find a pair of pink cotton panties and a pair of white pantie hose. a little note attached to them read, "Hope you like these just as much dear brother, hope you enjoy wearing them x Sandy"
My mind was in a turmoil, not only did Sandy know I was wearing her undies, she was willing to give me some of her stuff!
I cannot describe the feelings I had when I pulled on the pantiehose,, the feelings it gave me. Excitment,, maybe even erotic? I dont know, but I do know it was one of the bests nights I had ever spent in bed.
The next morning at the breakfast table Sandy whispered in my ear, "are you wearing my panties?" sheepishly I said "yes" Sandy smiled and said no more.
That night, whilst mom was upstairs getting ready to go out , Sandy asked if I wanted to dress up and be girlish whilst mom is out, she even offered to do my make up. Well what could I say? except "yes"
Mom came down stairs pulling her coat on saying,"damn I,m late" on the way out she shouted back to us, "I'll only be two or three hours , now you girls no wild parties and tidy up a bit for me while I am out"
What did she mean by "you girls"???????,,,,,,,,
more to follow
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Fabulous sweetie

You obviously have a great sister in Sandy. I can hardly wait to hear more and what your mom ment by "you girls" too. Please let me know when you've followed this story with more. Okay?

I have wrote some more, hope I can write some more later tonight :-) thankyou for your lovely comment x

You're most welcome ... and great, I definitely hope you can write some more tonight.

I will write more soon :) thanks for your comments x

I was fully dressed in my sisters clothes when mom got back xxx