My First Dress And Bra

Once mom was out of the house Sandy ran upstairs leaving me in front of the tv. She came down five mins later carrying a bunch of clothes, Dresses, skirts and tops and a bra .
She told me to take my t shirt off and to put the bra on. It was small, a bit like a sports bra, in one peice, I had to pull it over my head. Once on it felt good, at my age, male or female I had little pecks so the bra, allthouhg tight, fitted well. Sandy then proceeded to stuff the bra with cotton wool untll it looked as if I was a well developed 13yo, then she passed me a pair of frilly undies,"put these on" she said, I took my shorts off, reluctant to take the panties off,, but the excitement got the better off me and had the new frilly undies on in less then a min. I di not even give it a thought that Sandy had seen me nude !
Sandy then gave me a choice of two dresses, a frilly little white number that ended just before the knees or a short sort of mini dress that would just hide my panties, I chose the latter as I had seen them being worn on top of the pops and I allways admired them,,, (really, looking back,, more turned on by them)
My hair at the time was long and Sandy said it should be pleated but if I wanted, it could be swept back into a pony tail . I said pony tail as it would not take so long. Next, sandy made my eyes up with eyeshadow and mascara, my lips a deep red, a little blusher on my cheeks .
Sitting on the sofa, she said, "we must give you a girly name," alexandria is nice" I agreed (the name I still use) at that moment, the door opened and mom rushed in past us into the kitchen.... I did not know where to turn..... "I hope you gigrls have had fun" she shouted,,, "sandy, is your new sister ok?"
to be continued ,,,,,
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Cool sister and a cool mom too, Alexandra! Definitely look forward to hearing more.

It's great being a girl at a young age isn't?

Fabulous sweetie