Dressed And Used

A few years back I met a woman that wanted to try her hand at being a dominant. So,I said go for it. She arrived at my apartment and had me shower. Then she applied hair removal cream over my legs chest back and crotch.Twenty minutes later,I showered it off.After a few touch ups,I was hairless.
We went into my room and she sat me down and did my make up and applied perfume.I smelled great,but she wouldnt let me near the mirror. Panties then black sheer pantyhose were next. A bra and stuffing followed by a denim skirt and ******** blouse,a pair of pumps and finally a brown wig.
She added a pair of leather wrist and ankle cuffs and a collar.Followed by a ball gag.But she allowed me a peek before she blindfolded me.I really thought I looked good...
I spent the next hour or so being teased and stroked,not quite to completion though.Ugh,it was frustrating. She finally used a ***** on my *** and ****** me till I came.I enjoyed my day immensely.Sadly it was never repeated.Its something I would very much like to do again.
Im bisexual and have been wanting to try something like it with a man.But it makes no real difference right now.Either would be the making of an interesing time..
kosed25 kosed25
46-50, M
Dec 3, 2012