Dressed By A Neighbour

I have been wearing panties and tights for awhile but the idea of crosdressing never appealed to me. Then one morning I was out shopping and bought some new panties and while paying for them a neighbour saw me and asked if they were for me an I said no but I was blusing and was pleased to get away from the store.
At home Val came to see me and started quizing me and after awhile I ended up confiding in her that they were. A few days later she talked me into allowing her to crossdress me and she supplied the clothes. I am hairy and she even helped me with giving my body a shave before dressing me. She then she put make up on me before dressing me. I looked in the mirror and I admit I enjoyed looking at myself and It was a turn on.
She has dressed me again on another occasion and even though I have enjoyed the experience I realise its not for me. I am to hairy and my legs would need shaving twice a week so I am happy with my panties and tights.
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56-60, M
4 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Wish I had a neighbor like her !

lucky gurl

You see not all women will put you down, But I admit I would have loved to see stand up for your self in the store and put that shame where it belongs in the garbage.

To bad your giving it up, but have you ever thought of a laser treatment, to get rid of all that hair for good!!!!!

GUrls like you look so good and sexy in there mini-skirts and dresses. mmmmmmrrrrrr

Fabulous sweetie