My Grandmother

My grandmother used to cross-dress boys to control them. She thought it would keep them inline. My mother told me a cute story about my uncle. Though she forced him to wear a dress to keep him at home, from running away with his friends, it didn't work. Last time mom said gram say my uncle, she said, "his skirts were a flying..." as he lept over the fence to go play with his friends, in his dress (her dress) at the age of nine.
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Well, I suppose if grandma had kept him buck naked in their yard she might have said, "his balls were a flying ..." as he leapt over the fence to go play with his friends!

I imagine

'say ...' Ooooops........ 'saw'

Peticoat discipline


I think U are right,,,,and they used to make young boys wear nighties at night if they misbehaved...yeah..

it may have worked on a few...

Hahahaha too funny!

When my mother told me, I thought it was funny... Probably a story she told me around eight to make me forget something else...