My problem growing up was dressing up as a boy. Once I was twelve, my mother tried to wean me from 'boy clothes' -- jeans, tee shirts and tennies that I loved. My brother used to hate me wearing his jeans, cuz I didn't have any. Even though he was a LOT bigger than me, I had trouble pulling them on over my hips -- but I managed! LOL (I imagine most girls would have similar problems.) So as long as I stole his stuff, I could wear some boy's clothes, well into High School.

So once I was at home , when he came home with his friends. He caught me wearing his jeans after he'd told me to stop it. (Clearly, I ignored him.). Well, he got so mad at me wearing his jeans that he decided to take them back this one time. With his friends standing by watching, they managed to pull them off me (my hips I mean) out in back. It took a half hour but eventually they ******** me down to my panties in the backyard, laughing. That was one of the most erotic moments I have ever felt -- wrestling my brother with his friends watching as he ******** me down to my panties. I was so wet, I'm sure they all noticed how I felt.
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I would love to screw a Tom boy girl as it would satisfy my bisexual need

Once I hit puberty, yeah, I had a hard time keeping my older sister out of my closet as well. Didn't bother me most of the time. Though except with one of my favorite shirts and pair of shorts. Even though she wasn't top heavy by any means, she still stretched it out.

So I did finally have enough of it and tackled her to took my shirt back. She wasn't really very happy about that being that she didn't have a bra on at the time and it was in front of one of her friends.

Tackled her another time to get the shorts back. That time it no one else was home,, though her panties did come along with the shorts. Not completely, but definitely enough to create exposure.

you were strong enough to pull it off..... as a younger brother. I always wanted one of those..... lmao

The panties should have come with the pants, hihihihi

Lucky for me he didn't know

You probably would have like it soooooo much, would been so wet it would been like also peeing.

or worse....

well we can play when you want to


love the story, i would have loved to have been doing the same thing with my sister and wear her clothes and not just my mothers........

did you have a sister? most kids I know with siblings do that stuff....

yes i do have a sister but she is a few years younger than me. i do have an older brother...... who did try to **** me in the ***....... now i wonder why i stopped him.


Hi Janie,
I love this story. It's funny and sexy at the same time. I tried to friend you but EP wouldn't let me. Check out my stories, and pls friend me if you like them.

Thanks!!! friended you...

My daughter loved to grab my old shirts. A few years ago she was visiting from college. She went through all the cloths being sent to Goodwill.

rags rock...

My sister and I used to wear each others clothes all the time. It was a perfect set up for us.

Luckily I liked to wear tattered clothes.... cuz that's what I had, too.