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You Want To Get My Attention?

I am weird.  The things that I tend to find attractive are things that are not the "norm," if there is such a thing.

Let's start witht he glasses.  I could be in a room full of the classic buxom blond archetype.  But, if there is one girl in there wearing glasses, I will focus on that girl the entire time.  There is something very sexy about that look, how the frames encircle and accentuate the eyes.  Sunglasses don't count.  They hide the eyes, and I like to be able to see them.

OK, so we've got the glasses.  Next, let's talk hair.  I think one of the sexiest parts of a woman is her neck.  As such, I like hair that is pulled up on pulled into a pony tail.  The messier, the better.  I think it is the disregard for wanting others to look at you.  It exudes a self-confidence.  Better yet, let's go with short hair.  A bob.  A pixie cut.  Yeah . . . I really like short hair.

Nails - clipped short.  It says that you like to do things with your hands.

Tattoos - the kind that you can see.  There is this one girl who plays in my softball league.  She has a full sleeve, but only on one arm.  The asymmetry of that is so attractive to me.  But it doesn't need to be big like that.  Something subtle canbe just as engrossing.

Makeup - the natural look.  I know that even women who look like they aren't wearing makeup are probably wearing something.  I have been told that over and over by my female friends.  But that is the look I like.

Causal dress - sweats, t-shirts, loose clothing, relaxed.  Again, it speaks of a self-confidence.  That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the effort for special occasions, but the regular day wear should be comfortable.

Of course, all women are beautiful.  It's nit picky to limit one's attraction to a certain type.  But these are the things that catch my eye.  In the end, it is the person behind all of these physical affectations that can hold my attention.  Which is kind of why I like EP so much.  You get a pretty good window into the soul, a peek behind the curtian - if you will.  That's where the real attraction happens.
laynemeyer laynemeyer 36-40, M 10 Responses Aug 4, 2011

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laynemayer as usual, has made a few very nice observations. We are brainwashed to the opinion that glasses make people look smarter. A woman who look smart gets my attention too. Long hair is a PITA that some women put up with. We appreciate what they do and I love smelling a woman's hair. It doesn't necessarily need to be fresh from the shower. Her natural scent in her hair does it for me. Makeup? Most women are pretty enough that makeup really isn't needed. She still looks great, but thanks for the trouble anyway. Women are supposed to have curves. He didn't mention that but I did. Thanks for all you do ladies. We do notice and appreciate you.

I actually like having long hair over short hair. It's easier for me to deal with. All that blow drying and styling of shorter hair is a pain in the ***. I just wash mine and go when it's long. It's convenient too, because it covers my huge

I remember an old photo of yours. Your ears are lovely. Thanks for all you do.

I should have mentioned curves. My bad.

Hmm, your old stories keep coming across my activity feed. You know, I fit very little of this. Well except for the tattoo thing, lack of make-up, and the casual dress. I like my hair long and me head aches when it's up, because it's too thick. Plus, if it was short, it would be harder to pull........lolz.

Oh, you know how I feel about you. Waits, true beauty, lies within...

Well, thank you, I guess.

Auto correct messed me up. You are a beautiful woman and you know it.

Okay, I am in love with you. Lets just be honest here. LOL I think its great you are in to such a simple look. I could fit into every group you mentioned! Do I win a prize? :)

Yes, contact me and I will get the prize ready...

LOL...what will it be!! Should I cheer or be afraid?

Only one way to find out.

Ok, coming to ring your door bell!

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*winks* just keep getting better!

Perhaps . . . but there is still room for improvement.

MMMM.... certainly if you were in my neck of the woods you might be another man that I done "ruined".... <br />
<br />
Nice to make your acquaintance Layne...

Not sure if that is a threat or a promise. But I like both options.

Layne...good thing you're not around here. You might become helpless.

Who says I'm not already?

*Pushes glasses up with index finger to draw attention to them. Quickly hides waist Length hair under floppy hat* :)

Remember, it's not just the hair hiding under the floppy hat that I find attractive. It's what's under the hair.

I love all that, but I love total glam too. I think it's pretty much every damn thing about a woman.<br />
I do love cute girls in glasses, though. Intelligence is hot.

Glam has it's place, but there is something special about casual sexiness. It's sexy without drawing attention to yourself . . . sorry, I'm turning myself on thinking about it . . .

You are in love with me aren't you?

Isn't everyone? I thought that was the point.

You do realise you have just described me right? Are you my stalker layne?


*looks around nervously*