So Many

I never knew so many people were out there with pee fantasies!
So here I am at home reading some of your stories, getting more and more aroused... Well what's a girl to do?
Get a big fluffy bath towel, put it on her chair and pee!
I was wearing some leggings and knickers and soon both we're soaked, I felt so dirty and I began rubbing my self through my pee soaked clothes...
Or did I just imagine doing it while I used my little pink vibe...
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4 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Welcome to EP ! There are a lot of us that share the same fetishes. Either way that's a hot story ! My motto is "if it feels good - keep doing it".

Ever thought of posting a pic of those nice wet leggings ?

Wonderful! Of course you should do that. How exciting.


have fun
do you need extra hand or ...?
golden kisses

Sounds extremely sexy to me

A sexy lady in leggings holding and then peeing is super hot!