So this is more of a question but I need help. I'm just very lost and not sure what to do. So there are these girls. Ones 14 and the other is 17 almost 18. I'm good friends with both of them. Problem is, I feel like I like the 14 year old more but I'm 17 and I know that's not going to work out considering the age difference and I'm about to turn 18 when she just turned 14. Every time I get her off of my mind and I fall for my other friend, the 14 year old will FaceTime me and we will talk for awhile and then afterwards I begin to like her again. This has been happening all of the time. And no matter how hard I try and ignore the 14 year old, it's like there is always this part of me that will like her. What should I do? Any advice would be helpful right now. Thank you!
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Don't do it. you will only get yourself into trouble as hard as it is, you need to cut it off with the younger gal. she it 14 and to young and at the age they are quick to fall in what they call love and she still has so much growing up to do. Someone your age took my sister virginity at 14 and when that boy left her it took away a piece of my sister she will never get back.

Wow I am so sorry. And thank you do much for the advice. Really appreciate it.

your welcome i really hope you'll do the right thing. Be a role model for this young girl and show her what a good man can be but don't go chasing after her. let her grow up a little. plus man you don't wanna make mommy and daddy mad... eek!

Yea I know. I've put so much thought into this. This is all I've had on my mind all summer. And I plan on doing the right thing. No matter how hard it may be.

yeah, well keep me posted just as she is gonna be upset, its not easy for you either and if you need to talk I'm here.

Thank you so much. Really really appreciate it.

I agree with Amanda, great advice! :)

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