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What People Can Come Up With

I can't remember all the nicknames I have gotten and given.... Let's see, there's: Fluffy, Bunny Wunny, Lulu, Sopha, Sir Knight, Lollipop, Stompie, My Mind (and I'm her Body), Qie, Kiwi Fruit, Banana, Rotlaf (AKA Nice-On-The-Inside), Spider-Girl, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Pumpkin, Pear, Nunu, Flamingo, Parade, Parade Tre Uit, Nishie, Melon, Pebbles, Candy, Vegetable, Rapunzel and I can't think of anymore that I gave. 

It seems Silly is the preferred nickname for me these days. =/

They're really silly, but something brought them on and they just stuck. It's funny to hear what people come up with and even if they're not worth a peanut good, they can be really sweet! I don't mind my friends giving me a nickname at all: I find it quite cute. =]

Hearing your name is cool I guess, but when someone calls you something different to that, it's kind of a compliment (obviously if it's not a rude name). It's nice to know someone actually saw a name fitting to 'nick' you and remember that that name fits with you.

Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 18 Responses Feb 14, 2010

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Of course. ;)

yup - "no none" of them could. . . unlike you of course. . .

No wonder you did home schooling. Teachers knew not none could help you.

allot? ;)

Now, let's do this together, follow me: "A lot. A lot. A lot. Aaaaaaaa lllllooottt. A lot."

allot! allot! allot! :D

Oh, stop it, crocodile roaring gecko: there are A LOT of them. =P

doesn't quite have the same ring to it. . . :(

A whole bunch. =]

lots and lots?

Okay, tooooo many. =P

ok - I dare say Lots an lots an lots!

*giggle-giggle, snort-snort* "Sebastian, the whale-washing dolphin!" =D [Shark Tale ;) ]

Sharky!!! :D

You dare say "a few", but I say, MANY! =]

Silly is most definitely the most fitting :) - but we've exchanged a few names I dare say :)

*grin* =D

Lmao. "stompie" I'm sorry, but that just seems so funny in my mind.