Personal Touch

Taking a soft **** into my mouth....teasingly letting my tongue dance along the outline...feeling him grow hard...sucking those delicious jewels in and out of my mouth...letting him know I want all of him...his ****, his nuts....the sweet hot cream, the musky scent of his sac, underneath...letting my tongue roam between his pink star and his *** filled ball sac....then slowly circling and penetrating hois hiney hole...probing deep before getting back to his manhood...swallowing all of it...leaving a brite red lipstick print around the base...quicking my head bobbing up and down as he thrusts upward...driving himself deeper...I slide a finger inside the nether opening...wiggling it as I suck harder...his hands grip my head...holding me to him...his **** swells as it erupts inside my reward....slides hotly down my throat filling my belly...Now I am Happy!
hotlilhiney hotlilhiney
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21 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Love your stories! Please add me!

wow, you really know how to make a guy happy, its a win win, your happy guys happy...

Wow...this should be the instruction manual for how to give head....outstanding!

Wow, could I ever be so luck as to hook up with a fox like you! I can almost feel your warm mouth engulfing my swollen manhood, juices building for the big flood of thick cream that fills your mouth and throat! What a woman!

nice skills!

What a Sweetheart youa re and thank you for writing such a great disc<x>ription, it would be a real pleasure to fill your cute tummy with ***.

wow that has a **** pulsing from just reading

I'm a guy and I love doing all the same things you said. I love pushing my tongue deep inside a man's honey hole and tasting him inside.

Nice one.

i like the way you suck a ****. i wish i get a chance to put mine on ur lips.

What a story. I am hard with the vision. Add me please. I want to share more please

magnificent prose... erection rousing ,, i need some of that

I just sprang to attention after reading that! (actually I read it twice)<br />
I have an entire nether region waiting to be painted with your red lipstick and lots of "sweet hot cream" jostling around in my bag just aching to *** forth and help fill your belly.

wow--that was hot--i want a BJ from you

ok<br />
I will make you happy every day

Thank you for that now I am so horny and no one to give me a bj

nice I would let u suck my ****

Well written and well done.

OMG! Where do you live? Would give anything to be blown by someone like you who truly appreciates the fine art of really pleasing a man!

Glad to provide for you

so do I....since you have what I need