I Like The Feedback

I've heard many men complain that their girlfriends stopped blowing them after the wedding. Maybe that's why I'm terrible wife material.

I love feeling and hearing his appreciation as I nuzzle and mouth his **** and balls. I love hearing him moan, and I love feeling his hands on my head, directing my actions. I love when he talks dirty to me. That he loves my mouth is very rewarding, and makes me come back for more.

I'd probably like it a lot less if he was a so-called dead **** ... so keep talking, moaning, and pushing my head down with your big, strong hands!
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18 Responses Sep 17, 2011

Kottontail, I'm sure if this happens that it's not just the ******** that go away. ;) That's why I insist marriage is surely not about sex!

mkmmfb, often easier said than done, but good goal to go after, for sure -- in relationships and in life.

sigmahat, that's a simple way to do it ... but what good is red lipstick if the pig won't suck ****? ;)

get some **** sucker red lip stick and men will fall over you I will

mach, we should always be considerate, and give as well as take. but for women, taking is required for her to give ... so it's really not the same situation, nor readily imaginable by more men. besides, most of my lovers, i wasn't interested in a long-term thing.

As I think that oral sex is very important in all sexual relations I have developed a technique to be able to tell if a woman is the type to enjoy it also. I have not been wrongs yet :-) I can understand a woman's feelings if her man only wants oral sex, or he is one way about it then I can see why she is not interested in returning the favor. I always try to put myself in the woman's shoes and it sure helps to understand them better.

experienceman, is head the only thing she has going for her? and what if it turned out she didn't like it at all, but was just pleasing you? do you dump her for that?

experienceman, as long as getting rid of each other is worth the effort of finding a replacement. sometimes i think i stay with my men because finding new ones is difficult and more than annoying. ;)

junior, and i can cook, too! ;)

but, not easy to manage. not that i mind, since i'm not interested in making bonds at this point.

vaqicita, i don't think women like giving ******** ... i did them because men liked them, at first ... and later because i liked it. but you know, not all dicks are suckable.

Well those are just bad wives :)

dallasdoll, according to men, you'd be a rare one. one woman had to be told during marriage counseling that not ******* or blowing her husband was not a good way to get him to love her ... she was shocked!

greystreet, a very charitable act, but i bet she's doing it for herself, too!

Married for quite a while, but my wife keeps contributing blow jobs to those husbands whose wives stopped when the honeymoon was over.

shannonymous, i hope you get a lot of good feedback!

my thoughts exactly

husbandsperspective, it's part of the required "communication" -- it does take effort, but the payback is great! congratulations on your help to your wife to satisfy you.

My wife does respond and get more turned on as I talk to her and react when she deepthroats me. I love telling her to suck my **** as she is actually sucking my **** and to gasp each time as she completely makes my **** disappear in her mouth. That will never get old to me.

badmotorfinger, men like the feedback, too. marriage is about things other than sex, quite frankly. it just kind of gets wrapped up in some sort of weird package, so that sex ends up with more significance than it deserves. or so i believe. :)

the fact that most men love them and most women don't seems to keep me busy. ;)