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2 ***** In My Mouth

i want to suck 2 ***** at the same time. that's one of my biggest fantasies! feeling 2 hard ***** throbbing in my mouth, ******* them off, feeling them *** all over me.... mmmmmm
Jenny36c Jenny36c 18-21, F 22 Responses May 9, 2012

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I would love to help you out with that.


i think with this blog u willl get more than two...

I'll volunteer to be one of the guys. When I start ******* keep sucking. I *** a lot more that way :P

That is an awesome fantasy. Most women won't even suck one let alone dream about 2 at the same time.

I like to shot my load all over you.

Boy would I love to be one of them!

I'd be willing to take part even if there was more than one other guy there. You're sexy enough I'm sure you could get a full on blowbang for yourself if you wanted.

wouldnt have to ask me twice to be one of the *****

Sign me up

Wow looking like you do you can make it happen.

Nice fantasy

I'd like to see you sucking a ****.

My late wife loved sucking *****.It was allways exciting to see her with 2 ***** in her mouth.I also liked having my **** against another one as she sucked both of us.

What's keeping you from doing it? I've thought about it myself and my boyfriend would like me to as well but I'm not comfortable doing it with any friends of his. If you decide to who would you like for it to be?

Trust me Girl, you won't have any trouble getting to guys to help you with this fantasy !

I want to partake and help you to achieve your endeavors.

Sounds like fun :)

those would be two lucky *****

It is amazing in fact...Good luck, trust it will happen :)

I think more girls feel like you but are staying away from being stereotyped! More power to you babe and I'm sure you'll have no problem fulfilling that request.

I dont stay away from it whatsoever, I **** the stereotype I live 4 myself is the key :)

Mmmm nice, I'd love to assist you...let me take my **** out for you ;)