How I Began to Give Blow Jobs

When I was a young boy of 12 I used to go out playing in the woods and pretend I was a hunter or other games. One day as I came to a clearing I saw a young man of about 25 years old. He spotted me and called me over. He said that he wanted me to suck his ****, I wasn't sure what he meant, so he took out his **** and said "SUCK IT". I was scared and turned to run, but he grabbed me and forced me to my knees. He pushed his **** against my lips and again said "SUCK IT BOY". Not wanting to be hurt, I opened my mouth and he forced his **** inside. I starting sucking and he moaned and called me a great **** sucker. Before he could *** he withdrew and told me to remove my shorts and briefs. I thought he was going to try sucking me, but instead he pushed me against a tree, and as I grabbed it he spit on his hand and rubbed it on my *** and pushed his **** into me. Oh it hurt so bad I screamed NO PLEASE, but he stayed in me and started pumping in and out of my ***. As much as it hurt, in awhile it starting to feel kind of nice. After about 10 minutes his **** swelled up and exploded in my ***. He pulled out and left me against that tree.

I never told anyone about what happened, and I guess I supressed it in my own mind. About 5 years ago I divorced and after awhile started feeling lonly and horny, so I went onto the dating sites and found someone. We dated for awhile and in time I re-married. We told each other about our past's, she said she used to swing with her ex husband. I found that very exciting and told her so. I especially liked the thoughts of seeing her being taken by another man. I told her about the time that I was raped by that young man in the woods. I told her that as I look back it excites me to think about it. So I asked her if she would be willing to bring another man to our bed. She said no, that she doesn't want to swing any more. I said I am not interested in another woman, although it would be fine with me if she wanted that. What I really wanted was to share her with another man. Anyway she still said no, but I continue to ask.

I couldn't get the thoughts of being used by that young man years ago out of my head. I went on a few sites that featured gay and bi men in my area of Virginia. I looked for men in the age range of the guy who raped me, 20 to 30 years old. I sought out guys who were tops (men who want to be sucked or use your *** for their pleasure).

I found that there are lots of guys who's wife wouldn't give them blow jobs or guys who just liked blow jobs from a man or woman.

That is when I started sucking guys off whenever I got the chance. I found that I really enjoy it when a young guy sticks his hard **** and **** in my mouth.

Well that's my story. I only wish I started earlier.

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the first time i sucked off another man, i was about 25, and i liked it so much that i sucked him off 3 thimes that night and licked up every drop of his sweet cream. he picked me up hitch-hiking along PCH near ventura and offered to let me sleep on his motel floor that he had reserved in Big Sur and then he would take me to SF the next morning. he didn't force me- he invited me into his bed after he told me that he was gay. i think he wanted to **** me up the *** in the morning, but i refused. he had just been fired from merill lynch.

I enjoy my play time with this one guy, who loves to force his **** all the way down my throat, and "rape" my ***, which I absolutely love. I know him very well, and he knows that it was my fantasy to be raped, so he did, and because I know him well, he almost always shoots his load in my ***. I love that feeling, but I loved the one time he pulled out and finished in my mouth.

The first **** I sucked was in Germany as a soldier. it was in a bathroom at the train<br />
station. The stall had a peep hole in it. I watched for a couple of seconds, then stood on<br />
the pot, reached over the stall and invited him over to my stall. His was big, about 8 or so. <br />
I fondled it at first, then he sucked me off and then put his in my mouth until he shot. <br />
I was shocked, but never stopped giving bj's after that . I was18 at that time.

Good story. I'd enjoy hearing any other stories you might have about sucking ****.<br />
Although no one ever had to force me to suck their ****, sometimes I'd love to be a boy again just for the excitement of older boys and men taking advantage of my hunger for ****, being dominated because they knew I wanted their **** in my mouth. Those were the days!

I was in my bedroom with a high school buddy. we were jacking to penthouse. all of a sudden he got up and stuck his hUGE **** in my mouth. I sucked and swallowed. I can stll remember the taste of his *****.