On My Knees

I love to be on my knees for a blow job.

Apart from that I'm a decent girl. But it makes me feel so dirty and naughty if I am on my knees and I can feel as his meat works in my mouth specifically when I have to swallow every drop which he injects into me.  Nothing is better than being on my knees at his feet, him grabbing my hair and taking his **** in my mouth. Licking and sucking his **** as he grows harder and harder. I enjoy taking my time between his legs to make sure to pay special attention to his balls. If I sense he is enjoying the attention it makes my ***** drip with cream. 

The more he enjoys his ******* the wetter I get and the more pleasure and satisfaction I am guaranteed to receive from him later.
SexyClementine SexyClementine
31-35, F
52 Responses Dec 6, 2012

What a sexy lady! I would love to see and feel you in action.

perfect combination, first a leisurely tongue bath, followed by a true mouth *******

You are so detailed I can't help but get aroused,
Thinking how I would show my gratitude

So sexy , a Woman on her knees is hot especially when she really gets into working it with her mouth
I love to reciprocate with hours of using my tongue on her to show my appreciation

My **** is harder with your reading your story

mmmmm yesss please.

mmmm hot

Yes...Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed...


I wish all women thought like you do !

oh you perfect girl

Really HOTT story.....Lucky guy...

Instant hardness reading this.

You know how to suck ****

omg i wish you were here right now. that sounds so good

You are perfect.WOW!

you sound like more than a "decent" girl ... fantastic sounds more like it! :)

I so need, your beautiful lips around me now. I promise to put my lips in and around you too!!

Damn, I love having a nice girl on her knees in front of me working my **** and balls with her mouth. ******** in bed are fine, but I like them better when I'm standing up, I think I *** harder. Also, that way I can **** her mouth. I don't need to be all aggressive about it, but for change of pace it's fun to have her sit still while I rock my **** in and out of her wet mouth... do you like that? Yeah women that get hot from sucking are awesome! Sometimes a BJ can lead to great sex right away if I have the willpower to stop and spread her legs for a hot screwing...

God Damn that is sexy. There is nothing better in this world then a woman who enjoys sucking ****. It makes all the difference in the world. And you're right, in the end you will receive that mans absolute best effort. The best blow job i ever had was from a woman in her mid 30s and after, I ****** her deeper and harder then i ever had to date. Her entire body was shaking for 5 to 10 minutes after. It was amazing. That was back when i was 18 and no other woman had ever come close to being as good as her

I would so love to get a blow job from you and then satisfy you afterwards

You know it! Share this valuable information with women everywhere. It's time they treat their men like you treat yours.

Lucky guy to have you in his life! You know how to look after your man !

Good Girl. I've always found that a woman's desire to give great head is the key indicator of how good a **** she'll be. The reason is that every woman be great at it IF she absolutely loves **** - if she does it will show and we're in for a great session. You sound fantastic!

you certainly know what you are doing and how to turn me on

Love to see first hand how wet you get !!

I would like that a lot

What a turn on

He is one lucky guy!

You are obviously skilled in the art of B J. : )

You sound absolutely pefect, thank you!

your beautiful gift will always be welcomed...xoxoox

you are just perfect for any man.... who wouldnt want this ^^

...if more women had an attitude like that, experience project would have a lot less men here. Lol

Clementine, you not only know how to please a nan with your mouth while on your knees, but also how to please with your mind when you write the story.
Thank you !

Sexy - you're my kind of woman.

You qualify to enter the religion....

there is something very special about a girl who truly loves sucking ****

It is very sexy when a woman admits to how much she loves giving oral sex!!

very nice...once i know a woman I'm with is dripping wet,I have to take over and suck her till she explodes.Very hot story.

uffff... you are real sucker I just read your eight stories tehy really made me horny

If you love giving a bj. Do you enjoy being eaten that much?

Um... I'm gonna jerk off now - thank you... you are soo sexy and your stories are a delight to read.... very sensual and full of sexy thoughts that run around in my head too... girls are so lucky... sex when and how you want for as long or short as you want it....
So have you been with any women yet ? Love to read your thoughts....

I believe you have the absolute correct attitude when it comes to giving blow jobs. You are a blow job goddess. I would love to experience one of your blow jobs.

Yes I would love to have my balls sucked and milked while you jacked on my **** and give you a nice load of *** down your throat.

Very true. Great story. More women should be like you.

Glad to hear that you don't forget the balls :)

Wow! You are absolutely right. You sound like a fun and experienced lover.

Love it! I am a being on my knees kinda girl myself.

love your thinking !

What if your man put a collar and leash on you, for control. What if instead of pushing you to the floor between his legs, he pushed you between another guys legs? What if another guy, a stranger, was rubbing the tip of his **** against your lips while your man gently pulls the leash tight...

This is how I like it too. Also sitting down with her between my legs is really hot too.