My former boyfriends and now, my husband, appreciate oral sex so much, I can't imagine not relieving them this way. I've had my husband tear up before with gratitude and love after *******! Letting a man *** in your mouth is, in my opinion, a total acceptance and longing for him. I think its important to keep your man (or men) satisfied and drained, and this I've always done. It works well for our relationship. He wants me to want his *****... and I DO!
Sandra45 Sandra45
36-40, F
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i wish you would drain me now , i think i so full and ready to explode please add me thanks

I feel exactly the same way and ensure that I do my best to drain my man every day

What a lucky guy he is. I love girls that swallow! :)

You really get it. Very hot story.

I dont think women realise how good it feels ******* in their mouth and how great it feels emotional when they swallow. Knowing that she wants you is such a turn on.
Imagine how a lady would feel if a fella was licking their lady parts and then moved away in discussed when she was about to arrive.

Thank you for sharing this. Bless you

your attitude is so sexy. i wish you would relieve me too.

Sounds like you've got a long-term thing going there

"...I want 2 pump ***** in2 every hole u have..."

You are a rock star wife !! Men love women like you.

You must realize that there are so many *******-deprived men in the world who squirm reading your posts!

nice...see my pics and maybe u can take me also

I wish my wife thought this way

You are a fantastic woman. I feel the same way about eating another man's *** from my wife's *****.

I only wish more women would think like you do.

You are a sexy wife!

You are a brave women. keep it up and keep you man happy. good luck.

Yummy hunny!!

Just wondering, doesn't all women want this from their significant other? My wife also likes it. She really wants to see that I am totally finished.

All women don't.. i.e. my wife. I think it takes a woman with confidence and good self esteem as a start.. I dont believe my wife has that and so I miss out.

I agree with Sandra45 perspective.

my kind of woman

wished alllll women thought the same way as you do sandra

mmmmm what a sexy image your words paint, and I love your outlook on married lift. thanks for sharing

Reminds me of an old Chinese proverb: "man with drained balls never cheats"

you should open a training academy

For men or for women? ;0

for woman, i don't like crying when concentrating

I love that you are so wonderfully receptive.

Great story and great attitude! You rock!

You're a woman near and dear to my heart. Brava!

Agrees with Sandra and Josie 100%!!!

I like it too. I believe it is just the right thing to do for him, when he needs relief.