Soft and Supple

MMMmmm, that soft and supple head riding against my wet lips.
And then the gentle suck, mmmm.
Dip your stick, baby, dip it and then return to me.
roary roary
41-45, F
6 Responses May 3, 2007

oooohh yeah! you're making my **** throb.

I...justttttt...oooooo, wait a minute....<br />
I'll be right back.

You are SO horny Roary . . . how DO you do it ? ? ?<br />
<br />
. . . sturmbringener . . .

Maybe he just needs to warm up a little, rub, rub, rub.....

poor odie - he just can't last very long - can he?

Now, now...I'm here now.<br />
It'l l all be over in a .....ahhhhh