Easy To Become An Expert

I am a married crossdresser and have always been straight until about a year ago when I met this young black guy at a club for trannys. We ended up going to my motel room to get high, and after getting a good buzz on, he convinced me to let him teach me how to give good head. Not only was it easy, it was the most erotic thing I ever experienced!!! His **** was cut, a little over ten inches erect, very thick, and had a huge mushroom shaped tip.

Naturally I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I promised him I would stick with it until he was sure I wasen't going to like it. My room was on the tenth floor and had a large window to look out of. He stood next to the window, nude, and had me kneel before him. He instructed me to hold his **** at its base, and wrap my lips around the tip, and useing my tongue to circle it. Once he was totally erect, he told me to put both hands around his ***, and move my head forward to take more of him, then to rock back and forwards, my lips going up and down the length of his ****, and useing my tongue to stimulate him also. For the first few minutes I would gag. He told me that was normal, and to try to relax my throat. After a while longer, I was able to relax my throat muscles, and I was ecstatic to know that I was taking all of him. At that point sucking this guy's huge black **** was the most erotic thing I have ever done. His moans of pleasure spurred me on. When he told me, "Oh my god Honey, you are the fastest learner I ever came accross, I don't think anyone can suck **** better than you!!!!"

So, not only did I find it easy to learn to suck a **** the right way, it was most enjoyable!!
lisa32rivcd lisa32rivcd
31-35, M
Sep 7, 2012