It's the Best Foreplay!!

It is the best foreplay there is.  It gets me so hot - to suck him. I love it.


I love to start it when still just a little soft. and suck really soft - easy. just waking him up. then... as he gets harder, I suck harder and faster. oh yeah.

it really doesn't take that long these days - I may have to refine my technique so that it lasts longer. hmm....

well - now that I'm wet what Should I do.....

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9 Responses May 10, 2007

Thanks for sharing, how fun!

love you to practice on my ****

true enough. The logic is very clear - if you have it, you have no need to wish for it. hence, what you wish for is quite obviously something you have not got.

Nice wish you have got.<br />
<br />
Always the person wishes whatever he hasnt got near.But when it is always available that is ignored.<br />
<br />
It is in my life.

I want so badly to wake up with a **** next to me, so i can wake it up..<br />
<br />
lonely, in need of **** to suck all night..<br />
<br />

There is an amazing short story in Jeanette Winterson's "The Power Book" about how irises got to is so hot. This girl raised as a boy wears an iris bulb in her/his pants and he/she is instructed to introduce the princess to making love...she has never seen a penis so she pleasures the bulb...and then eventually the tomboy...nice. your technique would work very well, Lab.

Actually I would really LOVE some more practice with some nice wet *******. I just don't think I've had enough time to perfect that technique. (don't tell odie - or whatever he calls himself these days - we had a bet going and I'd hate to think I might loose!)

I'll just change the " if only i had a brain" to.."if only i had a..."

lol - it only took me 3 minutes the other morning. LOL. I really gotta work on that!!!