Tooting My Own Horn.

i am the "bad" girl. i am naughty in a box & i love every second of my reputation. i am one of those girls that you could bribe with the prospect of me being able to give head, if i want to play .

point of the matter is, i enjoy giving head and it shows, i have been told that i am extremely good at what i do, and i know that i am. i have reasons for my ******** skills being what they are. i never suck the same way twice, and i never suck different men in a simalar way. i am as i can best describe it- an adaptor. i vary my techniques per size, width, demeanor, personality, etc.

there are ways to do this that can drive a man out of his skin with anticipation. i can have a man spew his load in 30 sec if hard, or i can prolong it, watch him writhe, step up to the verge of ****** and then watch it fade away again only to be brought back to that point again and again before release can be found. the longest i have ever done is 2 hours. it is not power for me. i am a woman who enjoys knowing i am able to be in a vonerable position and work my *** off to bring ultimate pleasure.

i like a man on his back, i like him on his knees, i like him sitting on a chair, in a swing, or standing against a wall. i like to lick kneeling, siting or laying. i can get him all the way back, no holds barred and i am damn proud of this capability.

i have made men claim hallucinations, life flashing before their eyes. i have brought men to their knees, bodies shaking as they come down. i have had men say they have never gotten off from oral, freak out entirely as they explode inside my mouth. i have been aproached by men from my youth that told me that i have ruined the blow job for them the rest of their lives, because no one has ever been able to do what i did to them; and when others try they tell them to forget about it because they don't know what they are doing.

i like to look up into his face and see his mouth parted slightly, eyes closed and that deep concentrated feeling. i love when he looks down at me, mouth full, content- and swinging my feet as i suck him off. i love what i know how to do, and damn am i proud of it.

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Wow! You sound like a fantastic oral expert. The wife does different techniques every time also. Please add us. Thank you.

Wow! There needs to be more women like you.

I love this story
You get me so excited whenever I read this
Thank you :p

I got so swollen reading this that I have to go and jerk the pleasure right out of me

You should write a manual for the rest of us

mind blowing and **** raising.......!!! how do u enjoy if some body gives head to u??....i do tht very well...and i allways fantasise abt 69 with someone like u! tell us some of urs other capabilities and interests pls. do u like talking dirty during the performance??

i like surprising him in bed while he's sleeping. i love the feeling of it getting bigger in my mouth.

your amazing love you to do me baby mmmm

exciting tale

you are surely fine.whats the biggest **** youve ever sucked?

Damn...well, nothing wrong with being proud of your own special talent! LOL...and a rare talent it is. If you only knew how many women either won't do it all, or don't enjoy it when they makes all the difference, I think! <br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing!

lol, oh the many responses i have for that!

usually just the wives... ;)<br />

onoiml8, you have me lmfao. you rock!!

thank you alobar! i'm really glad you enjoyed it! ;)

Wow. Regardless of the subject matter, very well written. I need a cigarette...

just adding to the mystery? or maybe taking some of that mystery away... lol<br />
<br />
um... *

I'm jealous too. I love to suck a **** like the next girl, but I would love to have your skills. I thought I did, until I read your story. Keep it up (pun intended).

hhhhmmmm... now i'm jealous

I'll never forget my first time - when my husband said "just kiss it". LOL<br />
<br />
He created a monster!

i think that's a compliment dodo... so thanks? lol

You're either a menace or a blessing to society at large, it's hard to be certain ;)

I bow before you . . . I worship you . . . I am not worthy . . . please clone yourself . . . on behalf of mankind . . .

lol, sure- which part does she not understand?


nicely done.