I Wish I Was a Woman

OK here goes . . . I'm a happily married straight guy, perfectly secure in my sexual identity as a hetero male, with all the normal desires . . . I'm attracted to women, broads, dames, sheilas, girls, babes, bimbos, chicks and members of the female sex . . . having said this I know this is going to sound bizarre, so here goes: I have this fantasy of being a woman and giving head to guys . . . don't get me wrong - I have no desire whatsoever to suck another man's ****, the very thought of this causes me to shudder with disgust . . . but somehow I get off on the fantasy of being a woman and feasting on **** like the **** chicks do . . . all the **** I look at involves women giving head . . . I wish I was a woman, I'd be such a *********** **** . . . I'd do my hair up in pigtails . .. wear thigh-hi stockings and heels . . . micro-mini skirts with no panties . . . delightful little shelf-bralettes to hold my boobs up, nipples exposed so the guys could *** all over my **** . . . if I was a woman I'd be willing to let guys *** in my mouth . . . *** all over my face . . . I even fantasize about letting guys **** me in the *** . . . God I wish I was a woman I'd have so much fun . . . I have shared this fantasy with my wife, she just thinks I'm a crazy perverted male with a case of the middle-aged hornies . . . I dare not explore any kind of women's lingerie fetish because it'd totally freak her out and I really don't want to go down that road, anyway . . . "Not my bag, baby!" . . . the furthest I've ever gone in this direction is once when I wore my wife's panties under my regular clothes . . . I told her this was about me expressing my love to her and she accepted this, but I had to take them off after awhile because it was too uncomfortable - not enough room around my male 'package' . . . this is as far as I've ever wanted to go in the lingerie department . . . there's been a time or two when Wife did me in the *** with a vibrator while giving me head, but I think this is all about tickling the prostate . . . it speaks volumes of my Beloved Wife that she's willing to do this for me, she seems to understand that theres nothing gay going on here, it's all about total pleasure . . . in the past Wife has let me *** on her face which kind of helped me live with my fantasy, kind of like I was living it out through her actions . . . I can't figure it out - I'm straight and I love making love to women only . . . I enjoy looking at naked women in all their glory . . . I love watching women suck **** and getting cummed on . . . I just wish I was a woman so I, too, could suck **** and get covered with *** . . . all over my lips and face . . . but the thought of actually taking any steps to live out this fantasy by going down on another man totally freaks me out - no way man, I'm not homo!
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Let's first put the homophobic BS behind us. One does not have to be a "***" to enjoy what you described in such vivid and erotic detail. According to Carl Jung, Freud's top student, each of us is a combination of the male and female...what he called the Animus and Anima. It is natural and healthy to have such fantasies. Now, look at history. One of the greatest civilizations and armies of all time practiced same sex sex and yes even love without shame or guilt. That comes from our current religious teachings...which for the most part are taken out of context, vis a vis, the destruction of Sodomy and Gamohorra. Wher actually the cities were destroyed because they "forced" sex not in a loving but "wicked" manner. <br />
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So, let's comprised and say bisexual because that is actually and biologically you are...also, as a male you don't get the BS women do over sex. Besides why limit our selves to only one half of the population or possibilities. I love my wife but her ******* does not compare to the real thing, nor does sucking something that cannot give such a tasty reward for a job well done. <br />
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In short.....LOSE THE LABLES and be true to yourself.

i heard it takes a woman about 20 minutes to ****** and it only takes a guy like 5 minutes. <br />
weird. <br />
<br />
anyway personally i think you just want to do this with your wife. but got confused when u wanted to be involved and thought you wanted to be the woman.

Well...at least you have your fantasies. If you don't mind, I will borrow it because I am a woman, and all that you said made me a little horney babi, yeah.... I would be gay if I was a guy. Gotta have the **** with all that **** with it.

A FORTY-THREE SECOND ****** ? ! ? ! ? ! ?<br />
<br />
OH . . . MY . . . F*CKING . . . GAWD . . .

maybe its just like you said though... you got off when she let you *** on her face sooo it could just be you want to do all those things but you want her to love it. the way the women in **** do. so your fantasies could be fulfilled by getting your wife to open up more sexually it might take time but she might also find a whole new world of *** and **** sucking she never knew about. time patience and a lot of love for her is what you need

Oh my! Well I, uuhhhh, uummm, hhmmmm, oohhhh... gosh I'm at a loss here. Oh I know... I'm a woman "nananabooboo"! hehe

THere are plenty of bad tings about being female, guys have it easy! Sex is fun, and naughty dirtry sex is great, but its not all there is to being a girl!

WOAH. I just got dissed by a dude in a gladiator outfit. The shame of it all . . .

If you fantasize about it that much maybe you should explore it by using a *****?

You know how you can tell a man is REALLY fertile??!! When you have to CHEW up his wad before swallowing!