Happily Married Man

I am a happily married man that just happens to enjoy giving head to other guys.  I love the feeling of a **** in my mouth and especially when it explodes.  I also love getting facials by guys that *** really big loads.  But when it's all said and done, it's my lovely wife that I go home to.  I have no feelings for or desires to be with men other than just giving head.  Your thoughts?
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I too like giving head to married men it started with me about 5 yrs back I am married too but had the urge to try in and now I like giving good head but I only do it for married men and they enjoy it when I fully swallow it all for them which I love doing it excited me when they start going off

I love giving head to guys, no secret about that but do have a suck buddy who I see at any time which is often. At times I join my wife in a ********* and we both take turns giving head to her lover at the end I'm out the door and my wife gets what she really wanted "a very good ****" from her lover!

I doubt the guy you're doing it to is hurting. I like seeing other guys get pleasure. But I usually pursue this through my wife. I love seeing her give a guys the pleasure she gives me. Hey, I might try it one day

Oh Vanessa you can give me a bj anytime. Would love to give you my reward.

I agree with justsilly stuff,,,their is somthing special about having a real man's **** in your mouth. it makes me feel excited to please him but also i enjoy the texture, taste and feel of him in my mouth. I like the idea that it makes me submissive to him and that he is enjoying doing this to me. I enjoy the feel of him getting so excited that he moans and calls my name and then ****. The reward is getting a mouth full of his ***.

would love you to give me a fantastic bj while I was wearing my femme clothes

There is something special about sucking a ck that you just can't get anywhere else. You can try playing with toys with your GF, wife or alone. But in the end, the experience of giving head to a man is a thrill.

these days you HAVE GOT TO BE SO CAREFUL!!! TOOO MANY DISEASES OUT THERE!! AND NOT TO MENTION AIDS! YOU WOULDNT WANT TO PASS ANYTHING TO YOUR WIFE...... this is a big part of what stops me from doing anything behind my husbands back... I dont want a disease or even take a chance at risking that ....

Me to man, I just love sucking off a guy. Good on you.

its an oral fixation... and if you love your wife and you are safe about the men you give head too i.e. make sure they are tested, then what the hell. i like the feel and taste of a womans breast but i love the **** could never give it up for *****.

I like that too, I eat my own *** when I **********. another mans load is much better.