Wife Gives Head

she will get me hard with her hand then go down and start licking my shaft and start to suck me and then she will start to lick my sac and inner thighs ad rub my balls with her hair

come back to my dic and hold it as she will literally just lick the tip with her tongue then blow on it and take me in her mouth

at that time i wil grab both sides of her face hold her rigid as i **** her mouth

when i am close to ******* she will stop a bit an just blow on the tip of me. sometimes she will grab my hand make ne grab myself and stroke as she licks my fingers shaft and again ut her head down and brush her air along my balls

when she know I am close she will take me deep in her mouth

sucking away as i grab the back of her head and pul her down deeper or she will stop start rubbing her cheeks on me both sides then i know shew wants me to *** on her face as she licks me to completion

sometimes she will just stop and admire me stroking myself on her face then suck me dry
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Jul 10, 2013