gently kissing the head of his hard ****, my hand at the base, thumb on the lower side pressing hard as i rub, i kiss my way down towards my thumb, then lick slowly from the base to the head of his ****, kisses the head again, slowly slides the head into my mouth, while lookin up at him, sucks while wrappin my tongue around in circles, slide more of the **** into my mouth, still wrappin my tongue around, i slide his **** out of my mouth and flick the head with my tongue right before i take it all in, deep, down my throat, gags but keeps going, the guys hand on the back of my neck pushin more into my mouth....



i could go on and on... i love it...

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little over a year

How long have you been giving head?

ur description almost has me ******* :)

I love it when I get so into sucking on a guy, that I have all of him in my mouth and I just suck and suck and suck on him while deep throating him. I can feel him get more excited as I let my tongue play with the underside of his **** while I'm still suckling on him. Gets me so hot and incredibly wet!

Wow that's pretty hot, the only thing better than a woman that gives head is one that likes it. HOT!